Writers and Politicians

For the Spartans unrelated to spirituality, dreams were as objective as the battles made. Dreams were visiting them not they were something peculiar, and this audience is not always announced with clarity depending on the door that the dream had chosen according to Homer. If dreams were entering through the gate of ivory were confusing and trivial; If they opened the gate of Horn were clear messages that needed to be address. Do that in antiquity only dreamed Kings, Princes and dignitaries?, we wonder reading literary works and we are in error, it is not that the Kings have been captive to dreams but that only political dreams were recorded in writing and Artemidorus, Sinesio and Macrobius could not collect the dreams of all Hellas, quite had with the nightmares of the Atrides that every night is acostaban to add jobs. The writer Sinecio of Cyrene was Christian bishop and drafted his Peri Enhypnion in one night following an order from God who listened while he slept. In his opinion, we should apply to write nocturnarios with the story of dreams instead of ridiculous headlines describing the trivialities of the vigil. Although it was a Christian bishop, Sinesio ensures that dreams come from the soul that contains itself both the future and the past as eternal; through the reminiscence, he warns, we can reach the days of Socrates because each soul was there if it is eternal. Through dreams, you can anticipate the future where also that was earlier in the body which we bathe, eat and decorate Frente al espejo ignoring all the props we use are not more than our poor resources to mask the death that awaits you. Unique trousseau which would offer, says Sinesio, is mortise, but neither is matter follow it to the letter and go to cinema and much less of the shopping commercial Temple dressed in a vulgar shroud.