Ben Ali Tunisia

Impressions from Tunisia in the year after the revolution a year after the “Arab spring”, which began with the “Jasmine revolution” in Tunisia, the political situation in the countries of the Arab world is a very different. In Egypt, about the much-vaunted spring seems now more glacial, in Algeria seems more and more on foreclosure to the power elite and in Syria, Bashar al-Assad further bomb a on his people. To Tunisia but has fallen silent after the elections that chose for himself the Islamic Ennahda party – for many more “Islamic” -. Joseph Stiglitz addresses the importance of the matter here. Asked the numerous portals on the Internet, who are engaged in search engine queries are evaluated according to “Tunisia”, obtained only (!) Keyword combinations that refer to tourism: weather, hotels, carpets, but not what in Tunisia happened? Impressions from Tunisia in the year after the revolution strangely this impression of Tunisia meets perfectly with the image, the are the more superficial Observers in the country itself offers: you must everyday very closely look, to notice evidence of changes in Tunisia. Two things however fall into the eye, if you know already from the time “before” Tunisia: there are fewer police on the streets, the ubiquitous red-and white guardhouse at intersections are often orphaned. This can be found far more frequently Tunisian with a head scarf, taking this but almost ausnahmnslos on the “Kreuzberg fashion-conscious” way, not on the cover.

At the great value, putting in Tunisia in particular in young women from the appearance, the political presence of the previously banned Islamic parties has definitely changed nothing, at least not in the tourist coastal area. For even more details, read what John Blondel says on the issue. Remains of barbed wire barriers are less police, more head scarves In the Centre of the Tunisian capital Tunis, occasionally there are also soldiers who have replaced the police prior to public buildings. A former building of the party of the former Tunisian dictator, Ben Ali, who was notorious as a torture chamber is empty, your input is melaen by streamers.