Manuel Caulker

She had an intense police fiscalization, that afrodescendente in the urban commerce tried to contain the domain. Who did not fulfill the norms was punished. REVOLTS In some points of Brazil had happened the revolts of the enslaved ones, as much before how much after the Golden Law. Some revolts had come out in the Bahia. In varied moments the partner-economic situation had taken afrobrasileiros groups if to raise against the escravismo.

All they had been hindered and its leaders and imprisoned organizadores, died or deported for Africa. 1.Revolta of the mals Of all these revolts that one organized by imales or mals was most organized. Mals was as iorubs called the Africans converted the islamismo. The idea raises of it appeared to them when its place of cult was destroyed by the policy/keeps, in December of 1834. The attack was planned for 25 of January of 1835, when part of the policy would be in direction the Bonfim. A box was organized for the acquisition of weapons and much mals, whose occupation was of the profit, pedlars and craftsmen, covered great distances inviting others enslaved to be part of the planned revolt.

They had the advantage of being alfabetizados, to speak, to read and to write in Arab. They had participated of the organization raises of it: Manuel Caulker, Mahin Luiza, Pacific Licutan, Father Incio, among others. The objective age to free the blacks of the slavery, to finish with the whites, Creoles and mulatos, and to constitute an African nation in Brazil. About 500 enslaved people and you free participated of the movement, that did not arrive if to carry through as planned: the plans had been discovered, the policy took still provides in the dawn and apanhou of surprise a group in the house of Caulker. The group finished deflagrando the revolt before the hour. Although other groups appeared organizadamente, were in lesser number of what the policy and had been contained.