Roxlo Roxlo

In the poem invitation to contemplate the Moon, published in the cricket, 1923, Nale Roxlo does what anymore will do all the way from the book: depart from modernism, with its avatar in images, metaphors and music, to try out an alternative to a spiritualist and metaphysical poetry road. The first word of the poem invokes a third person, the flame to participate in an experience which must put aside the literary imagery to see this moon. It is a simple / moon of nature (16). The so-called supports, therefore, a request destined to a reader of literature and capable of having seen the literary moons that roll by the leaves of books (Op. Cit.); but that invitation, presupposes an interlocutor future, still non-existent, able to rehearse the modes by which the poetic I look at the Moon for the first time, without mediation of literary imagery, and that opens the eyes, in the midst of a dream, to a night of Moon and the contempla(Ib.). Roxlo is questioned in this poem would be like the Moon without mediation of the literature and language of metaphors and is in that hesitation of the question where he founded an instance in which poetry, for the first time in the book, is released the spiritualist weight with which, in 1923; But even today, still has a battalion of images, metaphors and phrases be searched under little or nothing to say about how we perceive the world, and Yes, the aesthetic values that hegemonizan the poetic activity, both at the grassroots level and in specific poetic circuits. These values, are of course, none other than the nineteenth-century beauty and care of the language, with the sole purpose of adherence onanista and belletrista; but that, so employees, they seem to make us believe that in the 20th century and now in the 21st, still we see souls, gods and Centaurs running by nature. It would be pretty rare find with Zeus in a complex of film out of a city and full motorway and, Yes so is insinuara, unlike of the seniority, would know that this is just the sort of pseudo literature that prefer to take refuge in the prestigious practice of canon.

Still in 1923; But today, I insist, poetry was also a sort of pandora’s box that looked for pleasing under stereotyped moulds that gave account of a gaze of the world full of archangels and fairy or casitas in the sky. Poetic imagery, thus, said little of how we see or perceive the world. Why Roxlo asks: don’t tell it seems, don’t make one / metaphor, albeit / the justa, the disc, which never / visited the heart of poets. Do not hang your disk clear and pure / no literary cintajo (ib.). . I believe in that principle request or the question of Roxlo oscillation that never performed, despite everything, in his later production, opens the future of a poetic production desembarazada with onanista hedonism; with mediation, Yes, Gianuzzi, Objectivism and the current poetic materialism as a history of those who have been tested that way that suggests Roxlo one-time: do poetry without literature to reach, again, again, for the first time that literature reveals always corrida of the hegemonic. It is our task to deepen that line and questioning not to fall into another duality of metaphysics and to not clear the poetry of his true literary and epistemological value.