The Reading

But no one would argue with the fact that reading newspapers and magazines does not bring us the pleasure we get when reading fiction. Often people ask whether you want them to read books, if they listen to audiobooks while listening to the audio you train your perception of information by listening, reading, in this case is not trains. The ideal option would be to listen to a snippet of the book, then read it to remember how to write words, and then translate the words that you have not taken at the hearing. After that, it is desirable to further several times to listen to this piece of text. We may not always be time for something to listen to the audio format, with the reading of the same no problems. So to read something, we need much less time. This does not mean that we should not Listen to audio, in fact it is very useful and interesting reading for training, you need to exercise and read.

Now let's talk about an adapted literature. Many people ponder whether they should read adapted the book? Increasingly, I hear that an adapted literature is harmful, because it is a very simple language, and what you need once read a book in the original. But it all depends on how well you speak foreign language. If you have a basic level of proficiency, you can not read the books in the original. So if you are an English recently, choose exactly adapted literature to date in bookstores Huge selection of such literature. If you do not speak English at a high level, but do not want to read an adapted literature, then: Start by reading small books, bilingual and can read books, but in this case, you are seeing Russian translation will be thinking in Russian, and this is a pretty serious shortcoming, you also need priviknut read only in English and translation to use only when absolutely necessary. What books to read, up to you, you should understand that all people like different things. Some people like to read detective stories, and other romance novels. So decide for yourself what you like. People were also concerned about the issue about what to choose to read, classics or contemporary literature? So, it all depends on the purpose for which you intend to read, in the classical works of many words and phrases that are not used in everyday life. Therefore, if you want to expand your vocabulary of modern vocabulary, it is best to choose the modern literature.