10 Simple Tips To Burn Fat

The key to the diet to burn fat is eating low glycemic index foods every day. Here are 10 simple tips that will help you in your diet to burn fat: 1. always choose version integral or rich in fiber foods. Whole wheat bread with white bread, brown rice to white rice, whole grains against normal cereal, etc. 2. If you need to Peck something, choose foods from IG low as an Apple, dried apricots, cherries, four or five freshly shelled walnuts, a carrot, etc.

and combine them with a relaxing infusion so it soothe you anxiety and avoid eating again. 3 Avoid processed foods and seeks to make homemade food with ingredients of IG low to control what you’re eating. 4 Drink water throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Many times we think we are hungry and what happens in reality is that we have thirst or are dehydrated. 5 Try to drink water with lemon or orange juice when you fancy something sweet. If you add a teaspoon of honey and store it in the fridge this homemade lemonade will help you avoid sweet drinks that tend to trigger high glucose rises. 6 Try to take every day a food rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The polyunsaturated fatty acids are the good fats that help you to lose weight despite its high caloric heat.

You can find omega-3 in walnuts, sesame seed as the chia, flax and fish blue like mackerel, herring, sardine, tuna, etc. Don’t take any of these foods each day. 7 Seasoned and cooked with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. It is another of the good fats that should not lack every day in your diet, source of oleic acid, it not only helps you to maintain the weight if taken in moderation, also helps you preserve cardiovascular health and stay young. 8 Avoid combining foods of high IG with foods high in fat. To quickly increase the concentration of glucose in blood more insulin is secretes and fat molecules pass immediately to the cells without being burned, direct to the love handles. Get away from the dishes such as sausages and sausages with potato chips, cakes, biscuits with butter, pasta with fatty sauces, sandwiches of sausages or fatty cheeses, meat with sauces and fries, etc. 9. If you’re eating high GI foods, combine them with foods that are low in fat as potatoes baked with cheese, roasted potatoes with grilled or steamed, meat spaghetti with vegetables, brown rice with boiled fish. 10. Choose foods rich in proteins and low in fats at each meal. Proteins help to build muscle if you exercise and increase your metabolism, also avoid changes in smoke and depression that appear in low calorie diets because they keep us alert. Choose foods rich in protein not fats such as boiled eggs, French omelettes, fish grilled or steamed, lean meats and poultry to the iron, natural yogurts, fresh cheeses, etc. If you want to know more about the diet to burn fat that helped me lose 15 pounds in 6 months without the dreaded effect rebound simply click on diets to burn fat. No pills, no pass hunger, with a diet to burn fat prepared by expert nutritionists and completely healthy.