The Gift Of Kids

Compare the ratio of mother to her child at the time of his appearance at the light and after a while. Feel the difference? You should periodically remind ourselves that the child – is a gift! Maybe this is a touching poem by Julia will be one of those reminders: The dream of a son, our son is in love is born of love of two halves, Love the space created on the Earth. Every tree and bush we planted the dream of, and the world that the Father, in the grass, leaves and in sky, gurgling brook, love all around and feel a Creator. Living God's mind our son, Will know, all the relationships on the Mother – the Earth. Wants to embrace the whole earth, love, tenderness of his warm her and all people. Finds a son how on earth are other children of God, And he will be a decision to look for to all the world a happy, free and clear. To polovinochek met his love and inspiration are creating the space for ages Infant in dreams are born, and flourish if the Earth, Love of mankind hugs, and our son's dream will respond in the space of a heartbeat to that whole eternity waiting for him. Two dreams in one merge, and the pleasure of seeing ahead, And eternity in the works with favorite in the space of happiness and love.