Myklebust Learning

These decisions allow the citizen to act. They are consequences of the adequate and made right actions, in the diverse social levels of relation, that will imply in education for the formation of an adapted, efficient, ethical and creative individual, or only one accumulation of scientific content, but as citizen is inadaptado, inefficient, antiethical and violent. The continuous learning in the conviviality in society is essential. The Johnsons and Myklebust 1987, had explained of simple form as the child learns: using visual, auditory, tteis and sinestsicos stimulatons. According to authors, the stimulatons in activities that are the perception 3 they develop themselves following the imagination that is relation of the perception with the previous knowledge, that is, the part of the memory stimulated if to develop and to stabilize. Through the establishment of the memory, it is unchained simbolizao that is the signals or codes of speak, writing, reading, interior language (thought).

After the simbolizao, the conceitualizao is developed, so that the person can classify, generalize and categorize (to judge and to think). Therefore, so that the individual is capable to exert the domain on conceitualizao, the previous levels of the learning must already be developed and established; in case that he has upheavals in the inferior levels, consequently the superiors will suffer damages and will be shown of irregular form. He is possible without fear to make a mistake, to condition learning of the child, what it sees, hears handle and feels. If the child sees some thing that calls it the attention, for example, an animal is necessary to explain it because if it cannot catch it and so that to keep a distance. But she is necessary to talk with calm and to use of words of good, easy acceptance and agreement. The child can until wanting to go against what she was said by the parents, but the frustration experience its approach in relation to the animal will go to bring learning to it.