The People

I spent three days with no shoes, no socks, feet in the snow without being able to sleep for a second because it needed a foot massage permanently because if I am not gangrene. These three days and three nights were hell hard to explain … really terrible. It was one after another. And we said if God wants to kill kill us once and for all, but that does not make us suffer more.

But I believe that the avalanche was important because a lot joined this group. There stood naked in the snow, we lost everything we had achieved so hard to do and provoked a strong reaction in us. We become machines to survive. There was nothing worse that could happen we Ramon, today there are many people who are experiencing adverse moments: a professional, personal, different reasons. What motivational keys you give them? We always have our own mountains and the important thing is to give forward. No surrender, when fallen on the floor know that they have resources within them incredible power. The action is what changes the reality of things permanently. When we are wrong and we are in crisis and we have work or family problems, complaining is useless to stay.

The complaint does not solve our problems. The important thing is to get up and move on. The success of the people I believe to be the face of setbacks and to crises that life has to move forward. That is success and that is where we grow.