Getting Started Creating A Site

First of all, before create a website, you need to know precisely the goal of the site. After that you should provide approximate the structure of the site. Moreover, the development of the menu should be given greater attention. Since this play an important role in promoting the site. Thus, when writing the menu, try to formulate the title sections of the site so that they can more often as were the keywords that you continue to burn in the META tags, but this text is to be sensible and logical. The thing is that many mistakes, believing that the search engine pretty cluttered fields with META tags, but this is not true. The search engine for indexing Your site looks as far as keywords as entered by you in the META tags that match the content of the site, so if you have, say, a keyword is 'creation of sites', but in the text of the phrase 'website development' is not used, the search engine will assume that the word on your site is not found, even though it is in the meta tags.

Another very impressive role in creating the site is the weight of your future site. Take care The site is not to have been 'kilometer', or indexing such pages will be difficult. Accurately be split large text on a couple of pages. Also do not forget about usability of page titles, as they are easier to read, so they are best remembered. An example of correct references, the correct