The love. The love. Here it is the love People exist who had left to believe it for thinking that it is the perfection. for thinking that perfection is the abstinence of defeitos.TERRIVEL DECEIT! The love is simply to like them defects and to pardon the errors of a person for not obtaining to live without it. It is to obtain to smile after one day difficult only making this happy person, to suffer when this person cries and to act as an idiot to obtain please it. Each one has its proper definition of ' ' love perfeito' ' , they imagine one biotipo singular inexistent in the hope of some day appears. But when it arrives, we see at last that it is not nothing of what we desejavamos.

It is only it. Full of concerns and problems, but exactly thus it smiles when he is of its side. the worse one of everything It is that it arrives suddenly. It kisses you and vc make a thing that one day swore that never it would go to make: entega to it in a gold tray its heart. Veze it makes this with only one to look at. It leaves in them blind and lost for a few seconds and later it remains there in its mind and its heart. You feel yourself different, but she has led, but glad, she sings musics that you nor lembava that she existed, you feel will to jump and to cry out for everybody: ' ' I AM AMANDO' ' when everything that you more want is to be close to this person vc feels sliding will to its meeting. Now I confess: I discovered the meaning of the word love when I knew a person full of defects and everything that I more wanted was to be close to it I discovered the love when I pardoned the errors of a person for finding that my life would not have felt more if it was not with me. I discovered the love when finally I obtained to smile for a person without making any esforo.e the only thing takes that me to be certain of this is because today I feel will to cry out: ' ' I AM LOVING! ' '