Pedagogic Quality

Lines of direction for a pedagogia of quality. Laura Anglica Da Silva Baldono Angela Cristina Da Silva Duarte Cleida Maria Balbino Capeli Eulina Da Silva I castrate In accordance with the aesthetic and ethical principles of the LDB many of the problems that afflict the humanity daily are ethnic conflicts, armament race overpopulation, abortion, environment. Brazil possesss different modalities or forms of organizations institucional and curricular of Average Education; to attend a course Average Ensino still is a privilege of few, and amongst these, few have access to the quality. It is necessary that the schools have identity as institutions of education of young and that this identity is diversified in function of the characteristics of the social environment and the clientele. The system of evaluation of Educao Bsica (SAEB) already exists in some States, and that they tend to be created in the too much units of the federacy with the objective to analyze resulted of the evaluations of the performance pointers pertaining to school; we verify its debilidades and qualities and to plan the improvement of the educative process. The systems will have to foment in the set of the Average educational establishments an ample diversification of the types of available studies, stimulating alternative that from a common base, they in accordance with offer to options the characteristics of its pupils and the demands of the social environment. The proposal pedagogical does not exist without a strong protagonist of the professor and without this of it if appropriates.

In accordance with great schools of the elite average public education in Brazil does not have proper institucional identity. In the classroom, the autonomy has as estimated, beyond the didactic capacity of the professor its commitment, as the same professional it will construct to its identity with ethics and autonomy. The LDB inserts the daily experience and the work in the resume of Average Ensino as a whole and not only in its common base, the future of the young of this end of century will be always an opened project in, being able to include periods of learning of superior level or not.