Fine Voices Come Big Out

BMS audio presents headsets for schools and theatre companies use professionals long: the presenter in the talk show as well as the comedian on stage and the speakers on the podium. BMS audio head set microphones everywhere in use, where a speaker wants to act freely and reach a larger number of listeners at the same time. Thanks to favorable prices, increasingly also amateur dramatics groups and school theater with professional headsets work. Theatre makes school theatre play offers a completely different access to literary materials and major themes and is an integral part of school life. For all commitment and training lay players often do not have a supporting vote. The appropriate microphone technology small mimes find clear and understandable the room how great actors of the first series, hearing their voices fill.

BMS audio has a whole series of suitable headsets in the program, providing their full freedom of movement actors and artists. And also the facilitator remains mobile with headset microphone. He can do this What’s happening on the stage of the Auditorium from track and pass on from stage directions from there. You can see portable technology for supporting roles only if you pay careful attention, the small microphone next to the mouth of the cabaret artist or presenter on television. The filigree headset microphone is very unobtrusive for the viewers. For the speaker, it is comfortable to wear, adjustable neckband adapt each character’s head, even if the role requires Horn-rimmed glasses, hat or beehive. The BMS audio headsets meet all professional requirements and are suitable for connecting to a Bodypack Transmitter of from different manufacturers. Trial and error goes beyond studying not only the high-quality technology, the prices are interesting for schools and amateur theaters. With TOM-audio, BMS audio has established a brand that makes affordable top technology for a wide audience. Interested Director can initially without obligation request the headsets and test free of charge at the next sample for the performance.