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One way would be to set up several small containers at various points, that fifteen minutes run sprinkler system, and then make sure that each vial contains the same amount of water. It is also of the utmost importance that early water in the morning, ideally between 4 and 8 o’clock. This reduces the evaporation rate of the water and the liquid can penetrate as deeply as possible into the ground. For example middle amNachmittag, water is your hard work to niece made largely from the summer sun again! To calculate the required quantity of water, you should familiarize yourself first with soil and grass. Depending on the density of soil and turf type, it could be you need to water every seven to ten days to once an hour.

A lawn that is watered only on the surface, has a unbalanced root system and ultimately in the long run will be damaged. That’s why is grass recycling while mowing a meaningful addition to your gardening. This system leaves cut evenly spread on your lawn. Since these pieces of grass to 80 per cent consist of water, they will slowly add this to the lawn and help so in the water. Grass recycling another important element of lawn care is the fertilizer as a natural complement to the conventional fertilization, but a eutrophication is too much to promote the growth and in the long term affect on the health of your lawn. Ideally should be fertilized once in the spring, when the grass begins to grow rapidly, and then again in the early fall. While this late fertilizing is not immediately leads to results, you provide your lawn with important nutrients that it can store over the winter. Again: grass recycling can be a great addition to be an eco-friendly way to reuse the cut grass like a mild, natural fertilizer during the summer months.

The choice of the correct lawn mower is crucial and ultimately you should invest in a high quality garden equipment, this applies especially to your lawn mower. Whereas some mower away indiscriminately chopping the grass, it is much more efficient to trim only the upper third of the stalks at each mowing. Even if your grass has grown much too high, you should apply this “one-thirds technique over a period of time and gradually reduce as the amount. This minimizes the stress of your lawn and ensures in the long term that can the grass down deep roots under the surface and grow up healthy stalks. If you follow these simple rules – deep and occasional watering, moderate fertilization and mowing one – your garden will remain permanently in the best condition. Here and there a little overhead and the days where your lawn was a crop field, where you had to Drudge, belong to the past. You will enjoy him as what he should be: a paradise for relaxation. About Robomow Robomow is a fully automatic lawnmower, which supports your lawn not only on optimum height using the latest technology, but also its built-in battery charges. The mower uses an advanced land cover algorithm with which he evenly can mow the entire lawn, by he mowing each area in different directions. In addition, Robomow is also a pioneer of grass recycling. He leaves a finely chopped layer of grass clippings, which actively provides nutrients the soil and thus ensures an impressive, lush lawn with minimum human effort. Robomow is a private company that was founded in 1995 with the aim of automating time consuming household tasks. For more information, see: robomow.de