Barbarossa Operation

The plans of the invasion of Great-Britain had been postponed and the call Battle of England finished with the victory British them, for little in air. (TOTA, 2007, P. 367). In 25 of August, in retaliation to the attack to the English civilians, Churchill commands an onslaught against military targets German in Berlin, a city considered unsurmountable for the Germans. On the other hand the German dictator commands attacks to the English cities that had added a balance of 250 a thousand homelesses and died 15 a thousand.

While the Germans had deviated its focus under targets military, the Command of Huntings of the RAF had time to recoup the towers of radar and the tracks of landing. 1.5 The GERMAN ADVANCE AGAINST the SOVIET UNION Although to have signed a pact of not-aggression, Hitler and Stalin they did not trust one the other, however, this last one doubted until the last moment of an invasion coming of Germany. As the too much onslaughts, this lode without acknowledgment, in order to catch the unprepared enemy. The onslaughts had started in day 22 of June of 1941, in an operation that was known as Barbarossa Operation, in homage Frederico I Barbarossa, emperor of the old Germanic Empire in century XI. The communism and the socialism already had been defeated in nazista Germany and this age the hour to defeat them since its origin. The Soviet dictator already had been alerted of a possible invasion, but he did not give credit. For the invasion, the Germans had sent about 150 divisions (the equivalent the 4 million men), 2,770 airplanes, a great number of tank and cannons, that they would be divided to surround Leningrad, to the north of the Ussr and to take Moscow. Hitler gave orders of immediate extermnio, without granting to the intelligentsia Stalinista, to the remaining Russians and the captured Communists right the judgment.