Amazing Fantasy

Comic strips, his characters, science fiction, movies, series and different creations from the world of entertainment have always been reason for liking for a large number of people around in the world, since in such creations from the world of entertainment is great fun and pleasant for rest and relaxation moments, because the various stories that you create characters from the comic books are very captivatingreaching fans around the world. Man appears between those stories of great characters with abilities and unique capabilities, thanks to his powers, spider or more known in the world as Spider-man, who with his incredible powers, their great feats and the diverse situations of the mixture of his life as a superhero and as a common person have managed to have great acceptance in all over the worldso much so that it has become one of the characters most representative films of science fiction giving rise to its many fans worldwide. Before such an important character of the comics that reached on the giant screen, worth the emergence, both at the small screen make a summary about who is this character and the history of its occurrence in the world. The Spider-man, which is a classic fictional character, as it is known today, is the result of the work of writers Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, who published the first sample of the man spider in the year of 1962, in the month of August in a magazine called Amazing Fantasy and later thanks to its success would be one of the greatest representatives of fictional characters and comic company in the Marvel Comics and counting with the presence in this great company of comics, the Spider-man would have achieved worldwide recognition. When it gave the appearance of man spider, this put a new reference point in referring to the comic books, because I go into a context of the comics very different from setting out in the comic books of the man spider, perhaps in the aspect that presents this feature is that for 1960s young characters from superhero cartoons were only a quiet place as the companion of the real hero character, in other words was the secondary hero, while in men the great superhero spider was a young man, which began to break with the aforementioned trend. This is must one of the creators of the man spider, Stan Lee did not see with much appreciation to those young characters who acted only as companions of the main character and what they sought with the man spider, was precisely eliminate such habit. One of the points that generated greater liking among readers, was the personality of the character Peter Parker, which in truth was not someone very social among young people of his age, but that with the success of the bite of a spider would acquire not only their powers, but they also exchange, gaining personality more security in your personality.