Applied Aesthetics

Equipment when selecting equipment for salon (See 'Selection of object' and 'Our case is "on p.111) should be borne in mind that the classic skin care involves water treatment – hence need a vaporizer (worth about EUR500). In the salons use mechanical peeling () – cleaning the skin and body with Darsonvalization (cost of the device – from EUR500 to EUR3 million). There is equipment that provides ultrasonic cleaning of the skin (EUR800-1500), lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy, various technologies epilation. Less expensive salon equipment comes from Poland and Italy, and more expensive – from Germany, France and Spain. Own capabilities and the 'newness' of equipment determine the pricing policy and' klassnost "salon. Possible 'Alignment' is presented in several tables. staff places at the dawn of their activities 'nurture' experts themselves, and since then the training, organization of courses and seminars – a separate area of their business. In addition, last couple of years in the capital came to a dozen specialized agencies, training and supplying staff to the industry.

Master's prestigious profession can be anyone, although for some technologies require the presence of diploma nurse or doctor. Irina Medvedev, president of the Association of Applied Aesthetics, says once lay in the costs of training staff: 'beginners can learn in their own city, and master who has reached a certain level, it is necessary to encourage – to send a capital or abroad. " ImageSistema pay in the salons is constructed so that the employees had an incentive to service more customers. .