Overseas Shutters

Of jealousy, he was ready to hone his beloved wife in the cave, if only to She nobody was looking. Here, as you can not, incidentally, had overseas novelty – the shutters of the slats, giving concealment from prying eyes, without turning the room into a dungeon. These shutters are very fond of the aristocracy, and people are seeing similar designs on the windows of houses, said: 'In this house lives jealousy!'. And received the Overseas shutters new name – blinds, which translated from French means jealousy. The climate of Europe more severe compared to Mediterranean, people need protection from cold winds and cold, and design blinds are changing. Plank shutters acquire his famous mobility.

Due to the mobility of panels, blinds can turn into a solid shutters that can keep the heat in the room. However, many attributed the mobility of blinds with the same effect voyeuristic. There is a legend that their mobility blinds bought at the behest of Louis xiv, who liked to spy for bather in his pond, but did not really want to share the spectacle with others. He was ordered to establish a screen around the pond with sliding plates, allowing him to spy only one in any convenient place for him. Since the invention of glass, louvers function as a shutter drops out, and now they are moving into the interior, and become part of the decor of the room. Wooden plate stud fabric matching curtains or walls. Blinds acquire the ability to develop in the pile, fully opening the aperture.