Kellog Briand Pact Socialism

Fascism saying liberal, term nationalising everything that in the beginning of Government had privatized. The fascism that was defined as a spiritualist and idealist, turned out fanatic, and materialistic. Fascism which appealed to reason, term irrational and intolerant. Mussolini declaring the action to buried to philosophy. Also it is contradictory and irrational that Mussolini acceded to the Kellog Briand Pact, signed by 62 Nations, in virtue of which stated to the illegal war in 1928. Fascism and Nazism are therefore a deformation, a misreading of the ideas of Nietzsche, Hegel, Manzini, Pareto, Mosca, etc. Resulting in a path whose ideological principle is known, as all its imitations, but whose purpose or implementation in practice, is ignored.

Where the vagueness and contradiction, are obligated rule that will guide and mark forever his political formula. And as argued Napoleon Nada can go well in a political system in which the words contradict the facts. A prophecy that was fulfilled not only fully in Italian fascism and German national socialism. But, up to Napoleon himself, who is considered the first fascist. The ideology of the Duce as the Fuhrer turn out to be a deformation rather than an evolution. Presenting all the gaps and contradictions in the opportunistic. They are cunning and not light, instrument and not guide. Rather than propose a program, they impose a style that plagiarized.

So it makes bad history in call you initiators. Mussolini declared in 1919 fascism has no statutes or rules, then our doctrine is the fact in 1938. Hitler to come to power in 1933, fails to present a program, all programs are useless, the only thing that really matters is the human will. He then claimed that national socialism was a potential socialism that would not be made never because I was in a condition of continuous change. The German National Socialist party program is temporary (1920).