Tarot Cards: Star

THE STAR This Tarot card suggests the pursuit of new opportunities with confidence of achievement. Columbia University does not necessarily agree. Water is the path of no resistance and indicates that humanity has the opportunity to change its course on each new ocasion.La hope and trust are the key characteristics of this letter, the love of beauty and aesthetic feeling. Right: In this letter prevails only light, speaks of the propitious moment arrived, the conquest of our ideals, the realization of our dreams, by the influences of the negative letters that may appear on our table, are attenuated, the fusion of past and present bears good fruit, good times for love, for things creative, to initiate friendships or work, good prospects in general, we trust in fate, in premonitions, dreams. Can also represent a woman near us that offers their help in an altruistic manner, let us accept. Keywords: Hope, unexpected help, insight and clarity of vision, inspiration, flexibility.

A great love is given and received. Good health. Charter entirely spiritual. Reversed: Shows the experience of a difficult time, dissolute behavior and moral light, it is time to start anything, imbalance, lack of sincerity, boasting offensive, does not help rather contrary to the resolution of our projects, to the realization of our dreams will be routed to persist in this attitude. Keywords: arrogance, pessimism, stubbornness. disease misjudgment. Psychic impotence, restructuring, deprivation and neglect.

Interpretations: In particular: Election of the truth. Finally comes happiness, mental clarity and paz.En work: It’s ideal for your money aspiraciones.En: Revenues will flow stable and will soon reach the desired improvement. In friendship relations in which the truth is above all true friends of those who did not fail. Family: Union, spiritual peace. Disclosure of something amazing. Health: Controlling Body.