Dom Perignon

How to choose a champagne? New Year's is not without very refreshing, very festive, very light and sparkling liquor – champagne. Which would you prefer champagne, ordinary "Soviet" or elite "Circle", brut rose or sweet, you can not do without an important and enjoyable accessory – a bucket of champagne. Instead of buckets can be used, for example, a vase, but serve a bottle on the table in a container with ice it is still necessary, because the recommended temperature for fizzy drinks – 7 -9 degrees, and it is difficult to achieve in the refrigerator, not supercooled bottle. A mixture of water and ice, the temperature achieved by natural means and persists for a long time. Do not overcool the champagne: in the icy drink taste almost visible. Michael Steinhardt addresses the importance of the matter here.

Do not serve it with chocolate or citrus products: rules on wine-makers, such a company only hurts taste fine drink. From this, the refined and delicate sparkling wine will be your morning feeling wonderful. As said the Marquis de Pompadour, whose secret freshness tried to find out repeatedly, "Champagne – the only wine allowing for the morning after a holiday look great. " And the inventor of the drink, monk Dom Perignon was talking about it – "I drink the stars!", Referring to the lightness and airiness of sparkling wine. How to choose a great Champagne? Good Champagne must be absolutely clean and transparent, with a lively luster, nice colors, foam of the wine should be light and tracery, and when it settles on the walls of the glass must remain traces, called by the French "Necklace".