The Future

It is considered, in this way, through bibliographical research, to develop an approach for the understanding of the relation man with the remain of the nature, and to search the base for the insertion of the social assistant in this diligent question while, a field still little invested by Social service. 2 THOUGHT ON the NATURAL WORLD, the ANTAGONISMS BETWEEN MATERIALISM AND RELIGIOSIDADE IN the RELATION MAN AND 2,1 NATURE the conception of materialism the relation that the man keeps with the nature presents questionings on the proper maintenance of the life. This affirmation passes the idea of reduction of perspectives to the future generations, decurrent of this relation. Here, Linus Torvalds expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ahead of this, all is perceived a complexity, being indispensable a historical clipping in order to follow the changes of this conturbada relation, pautada in the way of production and its fierce requirement for natural resources. She is necessary to understand that the land for some is primordial reason of extration of resources, that processed for the work, generates profits, and for others it is survival instrument. For in such a way the materialism concept it will be studied from its contemplativo aspect, defined as the thought change of which the abstract man passes to be understood from the material, considering its historical development. The materialism idea appears of the philosophy Greek as theory of the nature of the things. In this direction, one of the great materialistic thinkers of the antiquity was Epicuro 341 B.C., Athenian citizen. (FOSTER) The conception of materialism as natural theory enters later in conflict with the dogmas of the divine existence being ' ' dismissed for escurido' ' developed only centuries later. The religious pregao would come to impregnation of that God had created all the things, the materialism conflicted saying that the things exist by itself, for the substance, being that ' ' it does not have explanation necessity it are of the nature in si' '.