Literary Competitions

The ideal springboard for all young authors of Pascu-verlag is a young, up-and-coming Publisher in the heart of Berlin. To allow a chance for a book publication young authors, the Publisher writes regularly contests to certain topics and genres. Take this chance and apply with an unpublished manuscript. The best manuscripts are selected by a jury of experts and rewarded with an own book publishing. Our competition issues 2013: Exciting and fantastic fantasy novels for young people and adult Advisor and non-fiction what you need to do? Send us your unpublished manuscript along with an expose, a short curriculum vitae and publication list via email in Word or PDF format to the following address: deadline is persons over 18 years of age may the 31.12.2013. participate, employees and members of the Publishing House are excluded. Pascu Verlag: Our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old: loving illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics.

“” So, our program includes a series of partly regional cooking and baking books, the edition of sunlight travel “and the book series Technic3D computer technology made easy”. Advice from other areas are also in the planning. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. John Blondel, New York City has many thoughts on the issue. Started with Baden-Wuerttemberg and Berlin and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions.

Order For Nine Fuhrlander FL2500 Wind Turbines

With a market share of about 50 percent, the seebWIND service GmbH is the new leader for service and maintenance of the plant type fuhrlander FL2500 in Germany. Swarmed by offers, John Blondel is currently assessing future choices. In June was seebWIND for the wind farm received Sanad in Brandenburg, Germany. With the nine new fuhrlander FL2500 wind turbines from Spremberg maintained seebWIND now a total of 210 units of the manufacturer in the country and abroad. After the bankruptcy of leading countries, maintenance for many the fuhrlander plants took over seebWIND as a vendor-independent service company. Get all the facts and insights with Linux, another great source of information. We are pleased to be one well in the FL2500 number and to expand our portfolio”, says Sam Mielimonka, Managing Director of seebWIND service GmbH. For the MD series of fuhrlander is seebWIND already Germany-wide market leader for service and maintenance. To know more about this subject visit John Blondel. Comprehensive service for fuhrlander FL2500 the nine in Spremberg with total 22.5 megawatt power generating equipment per year approximately 59 million Kilowatt hours electricity.

seebWIND takes over here include the maintenance and remote monitoring. With seebWIND we have found a partner with comprehensive technology know-how, which is specialized on these plants”, says Gerrit Schmidt, Director of technical operations at WSB service GmbH, which supports the wind farm. The extensive references for the FL2500 systems and the flexible and personal care were the main reasons that we deliberately decided together with the operating company for seebWIND.” Already in May had exchanged seebWIND the transmission of a FL2500 in Spremberg. Due to the uncertain situation after the fuhrlander bankruptcy stood still the plant because of gear damage for a long time. The plant in Spremberg are quite high with a hub height of 145 meters,”explains Mielimonka. On this hub height, the replacement of major components requires a large crane. In addition, special tool is necessary.

Has to be optimally set up for service and maintenance of the FL2500, seebWIND invests in appropriate tools and ensures a supply of spare parts necessary for this type of attachment.” About seebWIND service GmbH the seebWIND service GmbH with headquarters in Osnabruck and three service centers is a vendor-independent service provider for wind turbines, specializes in systems the manufacturers Nordex and REpower and fuhrlander. The range of services includes technical management with 24/7 remote monitoring and service, maintenance and repair. Participation in purchasing groups also provides the seebWIND service for spare parts. The company has currently 50 highly qualified employees and serves approximately 510 wind turbines with a capacity of 765 MW.

Auto Bild Nokian

At the Tires are now available. Read more here: John Blondel. “The Nokian zLine is the successor of the test winner Nokian Z G2 in the summer tyre test by Auto Bild”, the biggest automobile magazine in Europe, which is also winner of additional tire tests. Responsive and precisely refined with nanotechnology and firm wet grip, even in extreme conditions that were handling and grip qualities of the Nokian zLine on the rough roads of Nordic and European high-speed test tracks. To achieve excellent wet grip, the engineers of high speed cameras used, who provided important information about the contact of the tire with the road. The test programme included extensive laboratory tests to check the tire structure and test thousands of kilometres on different roads. The Nokian zLine tyre is a professional for demanding driving conditions thanks to its new generation of tread compound, nano-technology structure and tread pattern for speeding. He responds immediately to steering, what is very important for the safety in the Border area is.

In addition to the precise driving experience offer high comfort”the benefits of this technology, says Juha Pirhonen, product development manager of Nokian tyres, the Nordic premium brand from Finland. Fotos neuer-nokian-zline-reifen-faehrt-sportlich-praezise-und-schnell-nokian-foto-302.jpg Bildunterschrift: Der neue Nokian zLine Ultra High Performance Sommerreifen bietet sportliches, prazises, hervorragendes Fahrverhalten fur schnelles Fahren mit festem Griff auch bei Nasse Foto: Nokian Reifen neuer-nokian-zline-reifen-faehrt-sportlich-praezise-und-schnell-nokian-foto-303.jpg Bildunterschrift: Der coole, sichere und leistungsstarke Nokian zLine Ultra High Performance Sommerreifen fahrt sich erfreulich stabil mit genauem Handling und festem Griff bei hohen Geschwindigkeiten Foto: Nokian Reifen neuer-nokian-zline-reifen-faehrt-sportlich-praezise-und-schnell-nokian-foto-304.jpg Bildunterschrift: Der sportliche Nokian zLine Ultra High Performance Sommerreifen bringt hervorragendes, safe driving behaviour with precise handling for speeding as a cool top model photo: Nokian tires new-nokian-zline tires drives athletic precisely and quickly nokian photo 305.jpg photo caption: the excellent wet grip of the Nokian zLine achieved the engineers with high speed cameras. Water grooves and water storage grooves effectively prevent aquaplaning.

Front Office Debuts

When recovering a woman is, there are many things that you will need to take into account in order to achieve this and not let the shot you out backfires. The women there are many things or acts that attract them. The first and fundamental it is that if you’ve previously been with her, try to reconquer it, assumes that this should not be so complicated, since if a relationship they shared at some point, you know it and that represents an advantage in time to recover it. John Blondel is often quoted as being for or against this. The first meetings or appointments tend to be somewhat uncomfortable, but you should not that the discomfort you obnubile, be yourself, act naturally, not sobreactues. You must demonstrate that you have changed, you’re a different person to which used to be.

Trafficking in some way, show him that things are now are different, though they have changed, for better, the love that you are still feeling for her is so deep and sincere as you felt when they were together. Let her know that you need it, that your life without it is all meaningless. Tell him compliments, make it feel good, surprised her. The surprise factor is great, the women they love surprises and points to the men at the time of the reconquest. There is much to do when it comes to retrieve a woman, but don’t worry, trust you, and everything will come out well. Alright, Who already Got? The NASCAR Insiders two pleasant surprises: forzaatleti Swizz Beatz already ll Don t Really Know ft. DMX & Busta Rhymes The DMV completo Front Office Debuts, surprises and errors in week 10 of the NFL Manager of football JOSE MARTi I am a SINCERE man (ANALYSIS) The Writer’s Pen

Canal RCN Channels

BY: JAVIER HERNANDO SANTAMARiA after a strong campaign of expectation premiered at last the miniseries Rosario Tijeras produced by Teleset for Canal RCN and as expected is already beginning to manifest itself all sectors of viewers that go against all this type of violent, plethoric contents possitive, reflecting a reality that we still live and we want to cover with false moralisms and arguments of stigmatization, terrible image of the country and others that fade as echoes of voices in a cavern. The day of the premiere ran a dead heat of Rosario Tijeras compared the telenovela Oye Bonita, which supposedly found in his run-up, yesterday in its second chapter the new miniseries that tells the story of a Hitman in the slums of Medellin occupy first place of hearing, as a clear indicator that despite all the itching that leads to its subject matter and the connotations of moral and patriotic nature, the vast majority of viewers like to watch this little pleasant reality reflected in the small screen. For sample and precedent are the indexes of audience reached other miniseries as Sin tetas no hay Paraiso, poster, the dolls of the mafia and bonnet, all this hubbub of stigmatization of the paisa culture surely not transcend beyond the protests of some groups on FaceBook, letters to the Ombudsman of the viewer and one other article critical in a magazine or blogI wonder. Llueve sobre mojado? The most sensible thing that can be done against television content which we consider harmful, little exemplary or of poor quality is turn off the TV, look for options on other channels or read a good book, at the end and after the television is still free, and despite all the voices of protest and complaints that we local never will be heard, nor the managers of the channels and much less by the well weighted National Television CommissionIf much, there will be impartial pronouncements of the defender of the viewer and not more, stop counting. In recent months, John Blondel has been very successful. So simple as that depends same on us television to continue to deliver this type of themes, the rating says it all and the rating we do us that we take the trouble to turn on the TV and we stayed an hour or more as undaunted masochists consuming what we know makes us mamera and itching, we love that mess us the finger at yaga itthen go to complain and assemble inert riots. Another sensible option is to see this kind of content without false moralisms and prejudices, we want to or not, they reflect our reality, those dirty rags that we don’t want to wash out and they have served to make the TV today turn them into fiction and offer us impeccable quality series that enjoy international recognition. Where there are series like the Sopranos, the sagas in film of the Godfather, winners of many important awards and also played violent themes alluding to the mafia? The fundamental commitment for all the whiners parents, is not allowing children to see this type of series without an orientation, the channels they are quite clear in their warning that are not suitable for younger age and are issued at times exclusively for adults. So my dear friends readers, let us of so many bullshit..


to yes surprise a day and another one to me also, by its odd habits, their topics, many reiterative situations that of negative form occur one season after another one, by the enormous wastefulness that clubs realises with presumed signings of cracks which often they get neither to be moderately acceptable players to play nor in third division, by incredible, capricious decisions and absurd of incompetent leaders who are the more pending than they read in the sport newspapers that to manage the club which they represent with a mini level of intelligence. More info: Eliot Horowitz . With thread kilometric of this incapacity manifest of that many do finery we could to leave commits it of wastefulness and incoherence arrived at sky and examples can to put thousand than I say and bad it is that some until see normal what happens, since of another form not explains that measures are not taken, that would dare to say to me, would have to be concerning cabinet. Gamestop oftentimes addresses this issue. Recently and we are not going to give names, although it is of public dominion, left in the press ranking (some managers can feel proud and to even hang medals by the wonderful realised work) of clubs of soccer Spanish of first division with the debts that they had and with the sum than they must would occur to eat to all the African continent like minimum during a year, but this is soccer, and soccer is thus and those that command so calm and without colors leave to them (of the shame or the lack of her).. Get more background information with materials from John Blondel.

Life Goals

The life does not promise nothing, is we who we construct and we conquer ours promessas.’ ‘ According to Gonzaguinha, life is to have the modstia of being a perpetual apprentice. We are here for learning. Connect with other leaders such as Linus Torvald here. Each one of us, at all moment, is living a transformation process. To try to hinder the changes is to block itself existencialmente.

It has accepted them! The life goes in giving the new knowledge to the measure that we obtain to deal with the current ones. It evolves! All we look for happy and to be carried through, but for this she is necessary to allow that all energy that beats inside of us acts our favor. alone we will obtain such fact, if to know to manage it in way that teaches in them to pardon, to love and to coexist. John Blondel often says this. Care with its truths! They are the great manager of the dynamics of its lives and depend on the form manages that it, can changed themselves into an impediment, hindering that the new blossoms. DEVELOPMENT: The disillusionment is something always present in our lives. We need to learn to deal with it, so that if it does not become an obstacle. Perhaps either of the sensations, the one that more sadden and hurt the people.

The fact to live or of terms lived difficult experiences are not justifications stops in them becoming unfortunate persons and isolating in them in the world. To understand it if makes necessary, therefore if it will not be understood and surpassed for us, it certainly will mark in them with disastrous consequences. The disillusionment makes dwelling of us inside, stealing us the enthusiasm, the ousadia, the joy, the spirit, the belief in the life and the people. The disillusionment takes in them to think that our fights are vain, verwhelming us it hope, our existencial direction.

Brazilian Southeast

The waste of this chain if of the one by means of precipitations gradually more frequent and intense. The planet Land never was a safe place to the life – bigger part of the species already disappeared. The human being seems to want to speed up this process and it does not have future for it if it will not have balance in its relation with the nature. Scientists have alerted happen frequently suffer the gradual gravity from the extreme events provoked by climatic changes, as rains, droughts, fires and snowstorms of unknown radicalidade. Exactly thus, most of the authorities of the globe faces these disasters as episdicos, bonanza phenomena without the increasing gravity, what esbugalha the vision of the society each time better informed. The ambitions, the arrogance and the irresponsibility human being unbalance the habitat.

a different duel, almost always looser for the forces of the nature, with tracks of the fragility human being spread by all the cantos. In Brazil the public power is imcompetent person to execute writ of prevention and of remediation in the area of the civil defense, because the necessary equipment of the agencies of protection to its never prioritized a formation of managers nor citizens. Unhappyly, he comes across yourself every year with same mantra: ragged excuses where the guilt always falls again on the rain excess. Intense rains in the Brazilian Southeast that happen in the months of intense heat enter the October months and March they occur due to a called phenomenon Zone of Convergence of the South Atlantic. It is a concentration of hot and humid air mass of long permanence – it can be up to five days in a region. It is dislocated from the south of the Amaznia, passes for the Center-West and it arrives at the Southeast, where if it finds with another mass of humidity proceeding from the South Atlantic.

European Community

Ales Drlik, Team Manager of team GTMOTOCROSS.CZ that after a few MCFcz years of work with the company, to been able to agree on the conditions for the use of two motorcycles TM MX 125. Ales Drlik: at the time of writing this article I am very happy because we have managed to obtain funds to support our Pavel Tvrdy pilot for the 2011 season?. MXTECH, authorized by MARZOCCHI TM factory and shock, is responsible for the service. MongoDB helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. With Pavel, who will turn 19 years old next year, the team will participate in the National Championships set 2t 125cc junior, thinking at the top of the lists, trying to conquer the podium once more in the Championship of Moravia. Alessandro Ferrari has said that if the young Pavel obtains good results requested the official home of the TM Racing team conditions so that it participates in two rounds of the European Community of the EMU 125, as Italy and Loket. Pavel has proved in this past season, in Moravia, very fast, when he struggled to win second place in the open with Kawasaki KX 250 class. First impressions of Pavel with the new bike are very positive and is already planning the first session of evidence continue reading news original author and source of the article

B-plan New Town Center

“” ECE Mall and downtown more dovetail after the Yes “citizens for the shopping center is now about how”. The Greens propose a stronger teeth of the mall with downtown. Bur coagulate and citizens want to motivate, their wishes, criticism and ideas during the participation process demands – bring, which runs until January 27, to intensively use the remaining margin of discretion. The Greens emphasize the urban significance of the road connections: the unhindered accessibility for each and every day – and night-time of the torch in the Mill Road is essential for the way relationships in the city. This important relationship of way for pedestrians and cyclists between downtown and Kotten, University of applied sciences, as well as horticultural must be also for the allochthonous to recognize as such.” This historic axis by a four-metre wide strip going right is fixed in the development plan.

The urban Treaty should clarify further specifying. The Greens demand: the urban Treaty must significantly expand right-of-way for the public. Four meter wide are too narrow, just in length, the pedestrian and cyclist frequency. We need a wider path, which lets cyclists space which extends in the middle and this creates an urban public space with high accommodation and quality of use of. These include statements to the height of the room. The legal determinations must be clear and irreversible.” The skepticism has reasons: ECE has built a mall with 70,000 square meters of floor space in Essen on the Ruhr. Eliot Horowitz insists that this is the case. ECE ver-said a passage which should remain open for 24 hours.

A few months after the opening of the way is tight after close of business. Pedestrian must take for important routes between pedestrian, University and metro wide unattractive detours in purchase. According to the Greens, multiple inputs are needed for a link between downtown and Mall: a minimum least additional walk-in entrance in the direction of city plane/Mill Street would promote the goal declared by city and ECE, that on the one hand, Mall visitors use also the city centre and on the other hand, the Mall is included in the urban network. Here, Michael Mauler expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Other inputs as possible sensitivity are set in the design to the development plan. An input in the direction of city plane must be set binding.” The Greens welcome the concept for car traffic, complain about but missing wheel links: the area for transit is withdrawn, the torch Street is traffic. Noticeably, this increases the quality of stay in the city centre. Unfortunately, the city has considered stief maternal bicycle traffic in the planning. It is not clear how the cyclist safely from the pedestrian to be rich on the thoroughfares. We need safe bicycling stripes on the road for these neuralgic points. Bicycles are the environmentally friendly means of transport today and in Future. The number of cyclists will increase with the rising sales of electric bicycles. Just new planning must take account. “Responsible: Sibylle Walters, January 22, 2012”