Successful Trade Fair Presentation Sisma Spa

Proven standard system for welding and marking, as well as new product for laser cutting on the trade fair LASER world of PHOTONICS from 13.05 to 16.05.2013 Sisma S.p.a.. in addition to the proven standard laser systems for many industrial applications as a novelty has 1000 presents the laser cutting system BCL. This system is characterized by its compact dimensions (approximately 4 m2 footprint) in a work area of 1,250 x 1.000 mm2 from. Linear actuators is a repeat accuracy of +/-15 m with up to 50 m / min cutting speed is achieved. Fiber lasers are used with capacities from 200, 500, and 1,000 watts, the cutting thickness can reach up to 3 mm in steel, non-ferrous and precious metals. The system as a complement to large cutting machines for side quests and pre-production, as well as for foodstuffs and prototype farms was conceived. In addition to this novelty, the universal concept of conditioning LWS was presented.

This system can be fitted both with welding lasers, as well as marking and engraving lasers of Sisma. The 3-axis portal, a the LWS is ideal for many applications in areas of high production spacious processing area and many expansion options (E.g. a contouring for complex CNC machining). The already proven system SWA with the services of 150W and 300W was presented especially for mould making and the order / repair welding. Through the simple three-axis joystick control and standard comfort functions such as path programming, coordinate system definition and pulse excess Lapp this system is suitable both for continuous operation in the service sector, as well as for even inexperienced users in the mould and tool making. As a supplementary system for small welding tasks, but also for the fine and precise welding tasks, for example, in the medical system ch-D open demonstrated many interested visitors with optional, joystick-controlled xyz table.

Due to its ease of use, its minimum training time and its attractive entry price are alone by This system produced 300 units a year. For the field of product labelling, the systems of easy, a desktop labeling system, was ready for those interested. The compact and easy-to-use system is available in power classes from 6W to 50W and allows so flexible and long-lasting product labeling of products made of metal, plastic and ceramic. With target group of system integrators and special machine builders, the laser marking system was interested in included Smarky OEM installation variant into existing or new machine solutions. Even if the trade fair LASER world of PHOTONICS no classical customer mass, but rather an industry meeting, could Sisma but the laser technology and in particular the easy applicability of this technology of the future closer to many national and international visitors.

The Adventurous

Because no one knows the home dogs better than his and the also can tell whether a dog into a sales leads and its environment fits or not. Dog and prospective customers finally find each other, a sign-up form is filled out, in which the transferee of an animal promises to keep (veterinary care, proper attitude, etc.) on the points listed in the contract. So much performance for very little money (health check, vaccination, deworming, castration) there are probably hardly somewhere other than in a good animal shelter! This is to keep in mind! A wide variety of dogs in animal shelters waiting for a second start. From the easy first dog to demanding connoisseurs dog, by the adventurous Mongrel to flawless Rasselumpi, from the old Methuselah, all of them dog baby are part of a colorful collection of animal stories. On some there is a written history in the index sheet, for some, the exposed, only guesses. Is always a good thing to choose a shelter dog.

About some things, man/woman must be however aware: there may be problems in give the settling time of adult animals. So, do not expect from the first day of exuberant gratitude. The dog still don’t know that you want to give him the dog heaven on Earth. Do not overstrain the dog. He stress anyway, to process the new relocation. Avoid situations in which the animal could feel afflicted. Slowly accustom him to his new life environment.

Give him lots and lots of time! Not make the mistake, allowing all the dog, because he was so poor”. Consistency and guidelines give a dog the security he needs for a normal dog’s life. Best as quickly as possible, make an appointment with our experienced trainers of the top dog school. You are unsure, you once again reflect the upcoming decision. In many animal shelters, there is the possibility to get to know an animal over a period of time once.

Classic Barbell Exercises

To perform all the exercises set the bar on the platform parallel to the face of his party. Exercise is considered complete when the bar is raised up and the hand (hand) athlete in the elbows straight. Linux: the source for more info. Legs and torso athlete must be at the same straight, feet apart in the parties from one another by no more than 40 cm, toes should be on one line. MongoDB often addresses the matter in his writings. In this position, the bar is held motionless athlete for two seconds. Drop the bar down only after the command of the senior judge “lower”.

Exercise should be done in the dais within the defined rate. In the event a party outside of the platform, or even if the athlete cross the boundaries of the platform with one leg exercise is implemented. At the end of exercise rod should be gently lowered onto the platform. If it is not performing the exercises the athlete must make every effort not to leave the bar and drop it. For throwing rods senior judge on the platform makes the party a warning when re-roll and notify the chief judge, who has the right to withdraw the participant from the competition. If you performing the exercises included in the program of events, the bar will be raised above the knees is not an athlete, then in the presence of serviceable equipment an athlete, not leaving the area where the competition is held, must re-start exercise.

To prepare participants to perform exercises given three minutes. Time is counted from the time the call party’s platform. At the end of each minute since the party’s call Judge speaker announces “a minute “,” two minutes “, and after three minutes if the participant absenteeism Judge timekeeper will call” time “, after which the participant is disqualified from this approach and he scored an” attempt. ” Correct at the bar competition, both before and after exercise participants competitions are only entitled to: a) the judge assistants, and b) next competitor, and c) a judge at parties. Insurance during competition is prohibited. The correctness of the exercises is determined by a majority vote of the judges: Chief Judge and two side referees. Applications for initial weight participants make an oral competition at weighing. Statements the weight can be perezayavlen only in the direction of its increase. Before calling party’s platform. To determine the priority of the call participants on the panel of judges conducts platform during weighing, or just prior competition draw in the presence of team representatives. The first stage goes to the athlete who begins to compete with lower weight, and in the case of equal initial weight – according to the established list of casting of lots. For two athletes serving in the individual competition in the latest exercises and declared the same initial weight, carried an additional draw. In this case, the participant, who started the competition, according to the draw first in one exercise, the next exercise (with the same initial weight) is called to the platform second. In the case of equal initial weight of these two athletes in the third exercise is carried out for these additional toss. The last two draw shall judge for participating in the presence of interested parties. In the team event is held the first draw between the teams for each weight category separately. Weightlifting Competition Rules 1953.

House Limit

Or it will be developed a plan with a financial advisor, income solid to create it so is increased until the beginning of the pension, that it can serve as additional provision for old age. Any necessary modifications to the House or apartment, which can cause high costs by the occurrence of a sudden case of care, are then secured. No maintenance occurs but the savings can be used for other things. The contribution assessment ceiling is set annually and adjusts the amount of contributions to social security. If this limit is exceeded, the contributions are paid only up to the specified limit. Later services be made even after the contributions actually paid. For the statutory health insurance, not the contribution assessment ceiling but the insurance limit is crucial.

The insurance limit determined while the contribution assessment ceiling apply to the determination of contributions to unemployment pensions and long-term care insurance, are the contributions to the health insurance according to the limit of the compulsory insurance. This limit has been enhanced in the year 2013 to 4350 EUR per month. The salary limit is 450 euros as well as in the contribution assessment ceiling per month and have risen in the year 2013 to 50 euro. This means that monthly basis the income from 451 euros to 4350 EUR, to calculate the contributions to statutory health insurance. The worker or the worker then has the free choice and the voluntary insurance in a legal or private health insurance can choose the statutory health insurance, which provides the suitable offer for the sickness at incomes above 4350 euro per month is the right way to protect themselves against health risks. Without hesitation Linux explained all about the problem. Regular checkups are offered both the statutory and private health insurance. The or the insured has the chance that diseases are detected earlier and treated. For the positive findings, a treatment plan, which should include also later rehabilitation – measures can be achieved together with the patient.

From health insurance to Health insurance is regulated differently taking these costs. Therefore, it is worth to seek out an online comparison portal before the election of a legal or private health insurance, for example. A comparison of services with the contributions there is no problem. Here you find an overview of all current contribution assessment ceiling.

Really Simple Syndication

Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.x) – Really Simple Syndication. rss – this is the format of presentation of information of a resource (site) to which you can subscribe to. It is designed to ensure that the subscriber can quickly obtain a brief description new information published on the website with the ability to go directly to the website directly to this new information. You no longer need each time you call in the network to visit all their favorite sites and view if there are any them something new. Once you log into the network, you instantly get an overview of all news from all sites to which you subscribe. How does it work? There are special programs, called "Aggregators", with which you can view the RSS-feed (also referred to as 'RSS-streams' and yet 'feeds'). To know more about this subject visit John Blondel.

The site on which you want to "subscribe" to find the icon, or other type button that says rss, RSS-subscription", etc. Click on this link in the menu of the program aggregator click the "Subscribe (Subscribe) or "OK". If suddenly the button is not found, try in the address bar, after the site address to put a slash and enter the 'feed' (example:) or 'rss' (example:). Although, if you do not were able to find the right button on the home page, then most likely the site has no RSS-feed, or its owner is sovcem do not care Program for rss. Many browsers (the programs through which you view web pages) support subscription to rss.

Successful Attitude

The 10 points required for a business at home somewhere I read: when you have taken the decision to obtain an income via the internet, must then go through a process to be able to establish it. An online business has different requirements than a physical business, the steps to take are different, infrastructure which must be equal, too, is the commitment of you for with the. Get all the facts and insights with Columbia University, another great source of information. 90% Of online entrepreneurs fail because do not commit themselves with your new business, since they see it as an afterthought.This process consists of 10 points which are mandatory, to be able to start your business online. Below we will see some basic steps to establishing a successful business at home. To broaden your perception, visit Linux. 1 Attitude.

The key to the success of your business is your attitude. Treat your business for what it is: a business.Critic this is if you work half time or time whole. One of my colleagues is a MOM who works at his home near her family. She always put her family first but at the same time develops its business. She says: I work part-time, but tendo attitude of full-time post in another way, if you have a hobby attitude then will have a hobby income, if you have a business attitude then will have a business income.

You can be successful working part-time and can also be successful working full time, but it will not be successful if you are working in your spare time. 2. Place of work. A workplace can you take as yours, free of distractions in a set time. Do anything in your normal work allow you be decentralized?.A comfortable chair and an organized desk.The Office supplies that will require:-pens – markers to highlight – stapler – punch – tape – a simple system of file – notebooks – folders with rings, etc. Your time is very important and a fast connection you will make more in a particular time.

The Future

It is considered, in this way, through bibliographical research, to develop an approach for the understanding of the relation man with the remain of the nature, and to search the base for the insertion of the social assistant in this diligent question while, a field still little invested by Social service. 2 THOUGHT ON the NATURAL WORLD, the ANTAGONISMS BETWEEN MATERIALISM AND RELIGIOSIDADE IN the RELATION MAN AND 2,1 NATURE the conception of materialism the relation that the man keeps with the nature presents questionings on the proper maintenance of the life. This affirmation passes the idea of reduction of perspectives to the future generations, decurrent of this relation. Here, Linus Torvalds expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Ahead of this, all is perceived a complexity, being indispensable a historical clipping in order to follow the changes of this conturbada relation, pautada in the way of production and its fierce requirement for natural resources. She is necessary to understand that the land for some is primordial reason of extration of resources, that processed for the work, generates profits, and for others it is survival instrument. For in such a way the materialism concept it will be studied from its contemplativo aspect, defined as the thought change of which the abstract man passes to be understood from the material, considering its historical development. The materialism idea appears of the philosophy Greek as theory of the nature of the things. In this direction, one of the great materialistic thinkers of the antiquity was Epicuro 341 B.C., Athenian citizen. (FOSTER) The conception of materialism as natural theory enters later in conflict with the dogmas of the divine existence being ' ' dismissed for escurido' ' developed only centuries later. The religious pregao would come to impregnation of that God had created all the things, the materialism conflicted saying that the things exist by itself, for the substance, being that ' ' it does not have explanation necessity it are of the nature in si' '.

Tarot Cards: Star

THE STAR This Tarot card suggests the pursuit of new opportunities with confidence of achievement. Columbia University does not necessarily agree. Water is the path of no resistance and indicates that humanity has the opportunity to change its course on each new ocasion.La hope and trust are the key characteristics of this letter, the love of beauty and aesthetic feeling. Right: In this letter prevails only light, speaks of the propitious moment arrived, the conquest of our ideals, the realization of our dreams, by the influences of the negative letters that may appear on our table, are attenuated, the fusion of past and present bears good fruit, good times for love, for things creative, to initiate friendships or work, good prospects in general, we trust in fate, in premonitions, dreams. Can also represent a woman near us that offers their help in an altruistic manner, let us accept. Keywords: Hope, unexpected help, insight and clarity of vision, inspiration, flexibility.

A great love is given and received. Good health. Charter entirely spiritual. Reversed: Shows the experience of a difficult time, dissolute behavior and moral light, it is time to start anything, imbalance, lack of sincerity, boasting offensive, does not help rather contrary to the resolution of our projects, to the realization of our dreams will be routed to persist in this attitude. Keywords: arrogance, pessimism, stubbornness. disease misjudgment. Psychic impotence, restructuring, deprivation and neglect.

Interpretations: In particular: Election of the truth. Finally comes happiness, mental clarity and paz.En work: It’s ideal for your money aspiraciones.En: Revenues will flow stable and will soon reach the desired improvement. In friendship relations in which the truth is above all true friends of those who did not fail. Family: Union, spiritual peace. Disclosure of something amazing. Health: Controlling Body.

Presse Chaine

Victory after more than four hours in Frankfurt for the 34th time the oldest and largest hospitality Association in the world held national competition of Concours national des Jeunes Chefs of Rotisseurs in Germany. The winner, Weber is represented Germany at the World Cup from 7 to 11 September 2011 in Istanbul. In various, partly highly competitive regional competitions had qualified 10 young chefs for this national separation. All participants are under the age of 27 and have learned their craft in well-known houses at renowned top chefs. Competition began 7:00 in the morning with the passing of the richly-filled shopping carts, after establishing the respective menu sequence for 3 courses, the actual competition began 8:00. The retrieval of the single menus to the assessment by the jury, headed by 2 Star Chef Hans Stefan Steinheuer, took place from 11:30. The high level of their culinary highlights with how much love and devotion all young chefs dedicated to their profession.

The knowledge and skills from good and regional to prepare excellent dishes available raw materials must be stored and constantly evolving. The jurors agreed that all participants have a good base of knowledge and talent, the services were closely together and the decisions are very nearly failed some courses. Weber could bribe by a well thought-out menu and his superior operation and prevail in the end. Also you were assessed work and kitchen organization in addition to taste professional to the presentation of the individual dishes on the plate. Weber’s meal in the competition: two trout with Oyster as an appetizer, chicken stuffed with garlic and roast as main dish.

At the end, he offered three different desserts including a chocolate Praline filled with Raspberry. The Association of the Chaine of des Rotisseurs founded in 1248 committed to the younger generation and the upscale table and dining culture as the organizer of the promotion. The Germany’s of Chairman of, this global brotherhood, Bailli Delegue Klaus Tritschler stressed in a speech: the future of the German elite of cooking has measured in Frankfurt. We wish you much pleasure and success in your professional life and personal career all young chefs.” During a ceremonial reception and a Diner Amical des Rotisseurs voted on the evening of 18 April 2011 the winners of the 34th Concours national des Jeunes Chefs in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel Hessischer Hof in Frankfurt. The winner could enjoy in addition to the qualifications for the international separation in Istanbul over the silver medal on the band of of Chaine Paris and the trophy of the Bailliage d’Allemagne in gold. Still, Weber received a coffee machine from de Longhi and a well-stocked knife case by Wusthof for his victory. All participants were honored for their achievements with the Chaine work chain and received a saucepan with lid of the precious forged all-clad and a bottle of Menger Krug Rose. The members of the brotherhood are to the brotherhood and respect each other as well as to the preservation of the upscale table and Table culture, as part of the German culture, obliged. Not only a question of personality, which is attitude and setting it is an honor to be a member of the Confrerie de la Chaine of des Rotisseurs! Text: Heiko Lam, Charge de Presse d’Allemagne pictures: Photo guards villages

Mountain Bike Marathon

What idea began more than 10 years ago, is now the MTB race: What idea began more than 10 years ago, is now the MTB race: the bike Transalp. Every year the rush on tickets is great at the mountain bikers, many regions strive to be as a stage stop in. This year is the first stage Weerberg in the Karwendel silver region. The Tyrolean holiday region thus consolidating its position as a mountain bike region of the Alps for bikers. Saturday, July 16 to Sunday 17 July 2011, stage of the toughest Mountain Bike Marathon in the world is Weerberg after 1998 and 1999 for the third time.

The bike Transalp 2011 is an extreme challenge for the participating bikers: eight days are 600 kilometers with 19,500 meters in altitude to cope with. The event is a mixture of grassroots and elite sport where athletic bikers can compete with the pros. 1,200 participants are expected to do so with 300 workers and accompanying persons in the Karwendel silver region. The beds of the region are virtually sold out, there are only isolated rooms to find. This means for the Tyrolean holiday region not only a well booked weekend, but a customized application of many MTB routes in the relevant media: already the demand is great for information about the most beautiful MTB tours on over 1000 km of MTB network. The free mountain bike guide, where the best 42 tours in detail are described is traveling sales. It is found in the Office of the TVB silver region Karwendel free. Own MTB team special attention deserves the team “shark bike Karwendel silver region”. Hansjorg Oberkalmsteiner and Andrea Tasser at Trans Alp ride 2011 in the Jersey of the renowned manufacturer of mountain bike shark bike and mountain bike region Karwendel silver region. You bike long as mixed team and are not hard to find among the top.