FORMS OF ACQUISITION OF THE READING AND THE WRITING Studies prove that the child learns since the birth in a process continues, in which go to predominate definitive strategies in the school and it same, as each period of the development. The small ones learn by means of the interactions that establish with its social environment and, these interactions if configure distinct practise in accordance with them that certainly it will allow to help it to adequately understand and to use the codes of our language. According to FREIRE (1997) ' ' Nobody educates nobody as well as nobody only educates alone somebody learns if to exist a person whom it desires to it teaches. In the same way, somebody will only teach will have a premade use individual to learn, and learning will become pleasant in the measure where he will be significativo.' ' Then so that it has a good preparation in the alfabetizao of the children is necessary to detach a factor key: the social interaction, that occurs mainly in house, being important to the creative and innovative intellectual techniques that despertem in the child the taste for knowing. Whenever John Blondel Goldman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Another important preditor of the alfabetizao is the way with that the adults speak with the children; a rich vocabulary with uncommon words must be used, mainly if used during simple activities of day-by-day, as during the meals, or in colloquies with relative questions to why the people make the things they function. Snow cited for Papalia, Olds (200, p.203) says that ' ' such colloquies help the young children to choose the words and to organize the way phrases coerente' '. We also cite the educative television as activity suggestion that contributes in the preparation of the children for the alfabetizao. This type of televising programming offers possibilities of the child to acquire knowledge of letters and numbers, resolution of problems, reasoning and understanding of physical and social environments that they attract the attention of children and they make to them to participate actively, but always with the parents interacting with them, talking on what they are attending and perfectioning still more abilities of vocabularies. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as John Blondel Goldman Sachs by clicking through.

Applied Aesthetics

Equipment when selecting equipment for salon (See 'Selection of object' and 'Our case is "on p.111) should be borne in mind that the classic skin care involves water treatment – hence need a vaporizer (worth about EUR500). In the salons use mechanical peeling () – cleaning the skin and body with Darsonvalization (cost of the device – from EUR500 to EUR3 million). There is equipment that provides ultrasonic cleaning of the skin (EUR800-1500), lymphatic drainage, mesotherapy, various technologies epilation. Less expensive salon equipment comes from Poland and Italy, and more expensive – from Germany, France and Spain. Own capabilities and the 'newness' of equipment determine the pricing policy and' klassnost "salon. Possible 'Alignment' is presented in several tables. staff places at the dawn of their activities 'nurture' experts themselves, and since then the training, organization of courses and seminars – a separate area of their business. In addition, last couple of years in the capital came to a dozen specialized agencies, training and supplying staff to the industry.

Master's prestigious profession can be anyone, although for some technologies require the presence of diploma nurse or doctor. Irina Medvedev, president of the Association of Applied Aesthetics, says once lay in the costs of training staff: 'beginners can learn in their own city, and master who has reached a certain level, it is necessary to encourage – to send a capital or abroad. John Blondel Goldman insists that this is the case. " ImageSistema pay in the salons is constructed so that the employees had an incentive to service more customers. .

Amazing Fantasy

Comic strips, his characters, science fiction, movies, series and different creations from the world of entertainment have always been reason for liking for a large number of people around in the world, since in such creations from the world of entertainment is great fun and pleasant for rest and relaxation moments, because the various stories that you create characters from the comic books are very captivatingreaching fans around the world. Man appears between those stories of great characters with abilities and unique capabilities, thanks to his powers, spider or more known in the world as Spider-man, who with his incredible powers, their great feats and the diverse situations of the mixture of his life as a superhero and as a common person have managed to have great acceptance in all over the worldso much so that it has become one of the characters most representative films of science fiction giving rise to its many fans worldwide. Before such an important character of the comics that reached on the giant screen, worth the emergence, both at the small screen make a summary about who is this character and the history of its occurrence in the world. The Spider-man, which is a classic fictional character, as it is known today, is the result of the work of writers Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, who published the first sample of the man spider in the year of 1962, in the month of August in a magazine called Amazing Fantasy and later thanks to its success would be one of the greatest representatives of fictional characters and comic company in the Marvel Comics and counting with the presence in this great company of comics, the Spider-man would have achieved worldwide recognition. When it gave the appearance of man spider, this put a new reference point in referring to the comic books, because I go into a context of the comics very different from setting out in the comic books of the man spider, perhaps in the aspect that presents this feature is that for 1960s young characters from superhero cartoons were only a quiet place as the companion of the real hero character, in other words was the secondary hero, while in men the great superhero spider was a young man, which began to break with the aforementioned trend. This is must one of the creators of the man spider, Stan Lee did not see with much appreciation to those young characters who acted only as companions of the main character and what they sought with the man spider, was precisely eliminate such habit. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with John Blondel Goldman Sachs. One of the points that generated greater liking among readers, was the personality of the character Peter Parker, which in truth was not someone very social among young people of his age, but that with the success of the bite of a spider would acquire not only their powers, but they also exchange, gaining personality more security in your personality.

Monopolies, Politics And The Concentration Of Capital

The concentration of capital resulted in the creation of monopolies, which were the success of power. This last rule political systems. That to this day are his servants. Wealth is up a few, in the hands of families who rule the country forever. Meanwhile, the monopoly of poverty remained in the hands of millions of millions.

Translating an idea of how to maintain wealth arbitrarily. Append something I wrote on May 13, 2009 to defend human rights. Capitalism ITS TWO BEASTS AND SOCIAL human reason. To understand how capitalism should be summarized in three steps and eventually must end. First to be a capitalist, you should be in capital. If you would like to know more about Professor of Economics, then click here. Preferably high. Then you must buy the equipment or the means of production. Example: a building for living or gain from real estate, which is highly lucrative. A factory, raw materials and tools, a school or a mass transit system.

To propel the machinery must be purchased labor or so-called labor force. Conclusion: These three steps form of capitalism which was finally established as an economic power, exploding left and right. Consuming the poor or the workforce. Not long ago a treasurer, used the following expression “iron law” will explain my way. If we observe the iron law in this case will be minimum wage workers. Credit: John Blondel Goldman-2011. As each country has its own currency, the iron law shall be regulated according to the currency. The intention is that workers are never allowed out of their condition. Whatever the country. Now with regard to marginalized professionals, we say that the latter pay them salaries that are a little beyond the minimum wage. But a series of taxes well protected by the laws of any nation, should be responsible to bring those salaries to a condition close to the minimum wage.

Therefore the latter does not reach out of their condition, professional workers. Those who succeed do so on random fortune, for a lifetime of denial to any luxury and accumulation of capital. By cunning or effort. But please note that the need and poverty of the inhabitants, often ends with the effort. Of the two animals say. That there is no state land who wants the sword to kill them, metaphorically speaking. I refer to alcohol, cigarettes, or snuff. Which ultimately end up destroying families and health. This kind of economic system. Pass over any citizen, since it represents a completely infinite value and valuable for industry, trade, economy and the boldest of them all, politics. Above all, get to see on a throne of sand, the god “power.” That everything moves. That all I can. But his coolness has no limit, injustice is the first ally. And many allies that arise from this genre. An entire planet was not enough, natural resources were not sufficient, much less the maximum. And every good rule was scrapped. Greed, corruption and vanity. They go crazy for all men, from the youngest to the oldest. But bring justice to the essence of their time either. Virtue will lower noble sentiments, the wisdom in turn teach.

Overseas Shutters

Of jealousy, he was ready to hone his beloved wife in the cave, if only to She nobody was looking. Here, as you can not, incidentally, had overseas novelty – the shutters of the slats, giving concealment from prying eyes, without turning the room into a dungeon. These shutters are very fond of the aristocracy, and people are seeing similar designs on the windows of houses, said: 'In this house lives jealousy!'. And received the Overseas shutters new name – blinds, which translated from French means jealousy. The climate of Europe more severe compared to Mediterranean, people need protection from cold winds and cold, and design blinds are changing. Plank shutters acquire his famous mobility.

Due to the mobility of panels, blinds can turn into a solid shutters that can keep the heat in the room. However, many attributed the mobility of blinds with the same effect voyeuristic. There is a legend that their mobility blinds bought at the behest of Louis xiv, who liked to spy for bather in his pond, but did not really want to share the spectacle with others. He was ordered to establish a screen around the pond with sliding plates, allowing him to spy only one in any convenient place for him. Since the invention of glass, louvers function as a shutter drops out, and now they are moving into the interior, and become part of the decor of the room. Wooden plate stud fabric matching curtains or walls. Blinds acquire the ability to develop in the pile, fully opening the aperture.

African Agriculture

Southwestern State university of the Bahia UESB, 2007 For: Jose Carlos Oliveira Ribeiro Differentiation between agriculture peasant and familiar agriculture Throughout the time, the history of the diligent man of the agriculture, based on a ferrenha exploration, the same has changed the thought of these workers, searching of certain form to conquer the freedom inside and a space of the society, however wanting to resist the forces of that they are dominating. From these paradigms it was that it was born some movements of fight in defense of the appropriation and, over all, of the territorializao of a land piece stops of it surviving free of the domination. The text ' ' Future of the MPA' ' it left sufficiently clearly that the history of the peasants was not a history formed only in century XX, but yes a historical construction since feudal system where the sevos already they started to repudiate the impositions and looked you to live free. Of this form the peasants initiated its small farmings in other lands, to live free of the feudal domination you. (Source: Linus Torvald). With the end of the feudal system and the arrival of the capitalism, the man power left after of being explored by sevos for the escravizao of the indian and the African blacks the resistance of the indians, this mainly in Brazil country that more explored the man power enslaved. In the same way that the servants in the feudal system did not accept the impositions in a generalized manner. In the capitalist system since the period of the slavery of the black, the same ones already were organized in quilombos in the direction to try the life exempt to plant well in lands and producing far from you for its proper subsistence. . See John Blondel Jr. for more details and insights.


Many of us want fast results, we want to solve our problems in a trice. But when it comes to our feelings, our programming, our emotions, we have to have a little patience. Let's face it, we will not change 20, 30, 40, years, from night to morning. That does not mean we will not do anything about it, on the contrary, we will work hard to make, little by little, let's transform our lives. I think it's worth, no matter the time. Read additional details here: Linux. For some it may be faster than others, but the important thing is going to give step by step, to achieve the objective: to be better people and thereby make our world a pleasant place to live.

Always remember this: forgiveness is for you, not the person who caused you pain, the wound you wear on your chest, though the other person also benefits your forgiveness. When we decided to forgive regain the power they had lost turning us victims of our aggressor, and when we appropriate that inner strength is no longer need to play the game of victim and victimizer, we do not need to blame others, simply because we are responsible for our feelings. Therefore, forgiveness is an act of love for ourselves, therefore is also an act of love for others. Watch a child is full of love, purity and innocence, forgiveness is innate in him. When we were children we also had these characteristics, but over the years we forget who we really are, the perfect children of God. Our essence is still there, never lost. Forgiveness helps us remember who we are, we connect with our inner child with our divinity and the divinity of the other.

Our job here is to reclaim that connection with our essence, and how? Learning to Forgive, allow forgiveness into our lives. Let go of anger and resentment, because if we allow ourselves to stay within and to the extent that we nurture these emotions are transformed into hatred, and then becomes harder to let go. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that if we are willing to use it, our life will change completely, nothing will ever be as before, the past is left behind and no longer give you the power to destroy our present. Forgiveness is learned, and everything depends on which measure we are willing to forgive. There is no point if you say the lip: "Ah .. ok, I'm going to forgive … "or," OK, I forgive you ", if the fund does not forgive. Forgiveness to be effective must be done from the heart, with a firm guarantee that the biggest beneficiary will be yourself. It is very damaging to carry a wound for a long time, many diseases are caused by lack of forgiveness. It has been scientifically proven that forgiveness improves quality of life of the practitioner. There are many benefits: increased self-esteem, gives you hope, makes you more open person, and certainly improving personal relationships.

The King Knows

Why not to open the ears to hear what God has in saying this above all to them? Who has heard to hear, hears. Mateus 11:15 Loving the lie Already is possible to notice the effect of the human love for the lie characterized in the false philosophies. The society modern is promoting the reinforcement of the race human being of a form until then never seen. However, this reinforcement is based on the malice and discloses how much the holy ghosts are distanciados of the purest teachings: incurvates the language as if it was its arc, for the lie; they are fortified in the land, but the truth does not stop; because they advance of malice in malice, and me they do not know me, you says. Jeremias 9:3 – He notices that the prophecy is speaking that the world will advance ' ' of malice in malcia' ' , showing clearly that they do not only know as they do not want to know the God. Already in another prophecy he is clearly that the same humanity knew the God through the pregao of the Evangelho per 21 centuries, exactly thus Jesus Christ did not obtain to be acclaimed as King of no nation of the land: having known the God, they had not glorified it as God, nor had given favours to it, before in its speeches if they had vanished, and its heart insensato if he overshadowed.

Rm. 1:21 the world lies in malignant Without the direction of Jesus Christ the world is in darknesses and lies in the malignant one. He is died for God, in the presence and under the direction of the devil: We know that we are of God, and that the whole world is in the malignant one. 1 Joo 5:19. While the Church of Jesus is in the light produced for the Evangelho, the world in such a way loved the lie that has established its done dolos of wood, plaster, rock and gold, as its ' ' deuses' ' national.New sky and New terrSo 21 centuries where Jesus Christ if has become King of some, but not of all.

Middle East Country

Finish by saying that the purpose tactical (to support the strategic objective of exit of Chavez in 2012) is to generate a social eruption. 4. What hunters of Orchid or future bodies for decomposition? To continue with the initial reflection about odors, said that Venezuela smells perfume of hydrocarbons for the olfactory desires of that of oil in the world depend on both the dogs of war. Eliot Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. I could say that the smell of oil is like a blood to a hungry predator odor, worse if placed in the backdrop of survival in a historic moment that its global reserves decline, with the danger of dragging its debacle in the pillar of the powers laid down in the world. (Something that certainly won’t happen: the drama of the oil shortage, beyond the aforementioned revolutions of colors as a way to get it, what he has done is exacerbate a belligerent mood in general as) via speedy appropriation).

But I could smell the country beyond a few students manipulated from abroad. Professor of Economics may help you with your research. I.e. the Government, the Bolivarian revolution, in both was already in evidence with the Libya that the industrialized powers dependent on petroleum little stop at moralities to tackle looting. All you require is an opposition that embochinche enough the country to proceed with the plan below besiege him or Suomi his Government. And how exposed it fell, in Venezuela a contranacional opposition Assembly inland work has become almost with impunity. Read additional details here: John Blondel Goldman Sachs. The student movement white hands is more solid and Assembly than ever, emboldened with current events in the Middle East and North Africa, logistically supported by the unspeakable (for immoral) interest foreigners.

There has been a unpunished planting in the country with a view to the long-awaited explosion of colors. The Government of inactive, of indiligente, dump the nobility of purpose has sinned humanistic. It has ceased to grow the puppy’s white elephant who are students to the day today, and who are willing to push their whiteness against the siege of Miraflores.

Adsense Website

For more information about how to apply and start using Adsense on their site, visit: Some advice before applying for the AdSense program: 1. You must have an existing blog or an existing site. John Blondel Jr. gathered all the information. 2. Your website must have at least 10-15 pages of relevant content. If you have a blog that want to apply to AdSense, you must have at least 5 or more entries your blog. 3.

Your blog or website should be clean and easy to use. N on pages under construction or broken links, animated gifs or more, or pop-ups. 4. You do not have to have a professionally designed web site or blog. The simpler your site is the best for search engines to spider, and the better for its users to navigate. How to get a blog? You can blog that can be hosted on your own website, as WordPress is an easy to install php, free to download. Alternatively, you can use any of the free blog services such as: to create a blog that is hosted on your server. So to recap: Select a topic you’d like to blog about, create a blog, make a couple of posts a day on his blog, wait about five days, and then apply for Google Adsense program.

Once approved for Adsense, you should submit your blog or website in major search engines. If you do not know search engines, do a search for “submission website free “. You will find that there are a lot of sites that let you use their services for free to submit your site or blog to various search engines. His blog are several directories that you should also list your blog. Once more, do a search for blog directories and submit your site to all that you can find. Tell others about your blog, your family and friends, etc. Ask them to tell others about your blog. This way you can start receiving traffic immediately. Just a word of warning: DO NOT family and friends to click on your AdSense ads, and under no circumstances should you click any of the ads yourself – that is a good way to get banned by Google and have lost valuable source of income! Now that you know how to start your own blog, they have no excuse to make money online!