Web Forms

Cost: These funds are included in the delivery of 1S: Enterprise, additional costs for their purchase is required. Web-extension (# 1) Is a separate commercial product that allows you to create Web forms and Web-based reports for configurations 1C: Enterprise, as well as providing a means for the functionality of the platform 1C: Enterprise application development in the medium. NET. Web-expansion is designed to work with ASP.NET and built on the use of technology, Web Forms. Additional information at John Blondel supports this article. Relationship with the infobase 1C: Enterprise via ADO. See more detailed opinions by reading what Linus Torvald offers on the topic.. In the published version is not so long ago 1S: Enterprise 8.2., a set of functions associated with the creation of web forms and web-based reporting is implemented by regular means platform. As for development. NET applications using functional 1C: Enterprise, then here is several limitations.

First, Web-expansion is designed to work only with ASP.NET, then there can not be used to create Windows-based applications. Secondly, the implementation of access to the database through ADO allows you to get the data, but does not allow calling methods on objects 1C: Enterprise, which significantly reduces the scope of applicability of the product. Thus, the use of Web-expansion impractical for simple tasks. For deciding the more serious problems (as For example, the implementation of a call stored procedures from a third party application 1C) of its funds may not be enough. Moreover, it seems that after the merger with Bitrix, and release platform 8.2, the company is not going to develop 1S Web-expansion, since its last version is designed to work with Microsoft.

Car Toning

Established toning used by car manufacturers. This procedure can be performed by adding the mass of the glass during its manufacture tinting additives, as well as by vacuum plasma spraying thin layer of metal on the surface of the glass or by pyrolysis. Established toning characterized by high quality and durability, which is determined well-functioning industrial technology. Joseph Stiglitz has compatible beliefs. The disadvantage of the standard tint is only a high degree of light transmission due to the need to satisfy regulatory requirements completely different countries, as well as impossibility of removing the standard tinting without complete replacement set of glasses. Toning Toning spray coating technology is similar to the standard method of toning. Linux will not settle for partial explanations.

The only difference is that the spraying produced without the use of the vacuum chamber. The method of toning spray is much cheaper, but such a level of quality tinting is quite low, even if it was made at the factory in compliance with all professional qualifications. Toning spray has a very low wear. Sean Rad, Los Angeles California spoke with conviction. This means, first of all that damage this coating can easily and sand, and even cleaning glass. There also a large probability of chipping around the rear window heating filaments. Non-vacuum deposition and not dismantled. The collection of all the above properties toning spray makes it the least popular with consumers. Tinting film Because of its practicality, simplicity and relatively low cost, glass tinting film is now the most popular way of toning.

As the merits of this method include the following: a wide range of films of different colors and light transmission, the possibility of removing the film and its replacement by another, a significant weakening of penetrating into the cabin Car infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which allows to protect the interior from overheating and burning, and the relative ease of application of the film, the increased structural strength of glass-film significantly complicate the lives of criminals and reduces the risk of injuries in accidents, improved insulation of interior – the noise level is reduced by 3-5 dB. Tinting car windows film is not only the most popular method, but also the most affordable, high quality and reliable. With many advantages of its competitors, for tinting film has its flaws. That is why many experts recommend tinted glass car film rather than spraying.

Aidol Hartwachs

Consumption: approx. A leading source for info: MongoDB. 2 x60 80 ml / m It has the following fasovok 10 and 20 liters. To read more click here: Justin Mateen. To care for the surface of the product is suitable Aidol Hartwachs-Polisch. New Product: PUR TL-222-Treppenlack This product is a completely new product! What's so special about this product? According to the directive Deco-Paint polyurethane coatings based on solvent completely removed from the construction of stairs (at at least officially). Alternatively, coinciding with the directive Deco-Paint in this area was only possible due to increase in the amount of solids from 30% to 55%.

But all this brings along with the significant disadvantages: considerably reduced pot life of less than 4 hours, significantly prolonged drying: it takes half working days for drying and grinding capabilities, such products have become very uneconomical due to high the content of curing components (eg the proportion of mixing paint and hardener 2:1) because of the high content of solid surface looks unnatural (artificial). Product PUR TL-222-Treppenlack totally different from this. PUR TL-222-Treppenlack a hybrid lacquer in which the volatile organic compounds (VOC) is not replaced by a binder / solids. Thanks to special technology of volatile organic compounds (VOC) was replaced by water. So This product has acquired the following properties: a complete two-component polyurethane lacquer based solvent is a product according to 2010 standards, the content of solids in the normal range (30%) due to This provides a natural surface and elegant lines, vysokoekonomichen: proportion, when mixed with a hardener PUR H-280-H rter: 10:1; long processing time (8:00) / pot life (16 hours), the product PUR TL-222-Treppenlack has high strength, as well as all polyurethane varnishes; product PUR TL-222-Treppenlack immediately after application has a cloudy milky color tinge disappears during the drying period. Because of the composition of the product delivery may take place only in plastic cans with a special coating. Initially, the product is represented only in a volume of 10 l, as already planned in the short term release a product volume of 20 liters.

Good Chinese Door – Myth Or Reality ?

Consider the following positive aspects of China's entry metal doors. The main advantage – it's availability. You do not spend extra money for the "name" or unnecessary security doors, as thieves can effectively prevent only complex of protective measures. Suppose you have installed an expensive door and now worry about their property. It's a pity, because there are no doors indehiscent, so it is best to install burglar and fire alarms. Value This service is relatively low, and no matter what door you may be, my dear, or Chinese, the protection of your premises will increase significantly.

Now about the reliability. Chinese metal doors are manufactured by modern technology of steel sheets more than a millimeter inside the reinforced ribs and elements of thicker steel. Also, reliable locks are applied with a high degree of secrecy. Additional information at Sean Rad supports this article. Therefore unfounded allegations of Chinese door in low burglary – at least misleading, if not a deliberate lie by competitors. Judge for yourself – for example, the 58th model doors "Outpost", whose production is in China (But, of course, under the strict supervision of Russian specialists), was successfully tested and received a certificate of FSI SRC "PROTECTION" the Interior Ministry, confirming the stability of class II to cracking. Not every company that sells even more expensive doors, can boast a similar achievement! Another obvious advantage of Chinese door, which immediately catches the eye – great design! For the available money, you get to choose from a huge number of finishes and colors. This allows you to pick up the door to even the most unusual interiors. Due to the aforementioned advantages, now the Chinese input metal doors are strong competition to other producers.

This is perhaps the most important reason for the huge amount about the Chinese anti-advertising "quality". Take, for instance stories about the Chinese opening the metal door "opener." But try to remember a lot of Have you seen the information that the thieves in this way reveal the input metal doors. Fortunately, this is just a myth created by unscrupulous competitors, does not shrink technologies Black PR. To illustrate this , it suffices to look at the video, which is just trying to open the 58th model doors "Outpost." Draw your own conclusions!

Food Paints

Development of production technology and technical progress will inevitably lead to the emergence of new devices, products, objects with which we, in one way or another, encounter in everyday life. Applying them almost every day, we do not think, that are, for example, corporate power, or food dyes. So what’s needed food coloring and what is meant by this term? Food color can be absolutely any A dye is added to foods, cosmetics and medicines and give them the desired color. Currently, almost all the foods used food coloring. Checking article sources yields Linus Torvald as a relevant resource throughout. There are widely used not only natural but also synthetic dyes that can be eaten. Sale of paints and natural food dyes does not require certification, but the synthetic dyes should be required to be inspected for compliance with safety requirements.

The certification process certifies the quality and safety of food coloring. Please note that food dyes, which is labeled ‘EC’, approved by the European Union. Mainly for industrial purposes in the food and pharmaceutical industries use synthetic dyes. Their use allows to obtain more stable and homogeneous color products, they are easily confused. Synthetic food dyes, subject to mandatory certification, do not give the product smells, but painting the natural substances of natural origin, to Sorry, can produce this effect. What is permitted coloring additives? This edible coatings and paints, which differ in their properties. For example, edible inks are soluble in water and can be use in dry mixes, beverages, bakery products, dairy products and other products. Lucky, in turn, does not dissolve in water, but they are more stable. They are used in foods that contain in their composition oil and fats, or foods with little humidity, such as chewing gum, tablets and semi-finished products. Use food coloring makes it possible to change the color and support appeal not only fresh, but canned food.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Dialectical behavioral therapy Dialectical behavioral LaTerapia ‘(TDC) is a psychosocial treatment developed by Marsha M. Linehan specifically to treat people with borderline disorder, is also used for patients with other diagnoses. The treatment itself is based largely in behaviorist theory with some elements of cognitive therapy. Unlike cognitive therapyincorporates the practice of the fullness of consciousness as a central component of therapy. There are two essential parts in the treatment without the help of which the therapy is considered not “adheres to the TDC”: 1. Individual therapy where the therapist and client to be discussed during the week will be recorded in the diary sheets and following a treatment based on the hierarchy of mismas.El treatment and suicidal self-injurious behavior is a priority, followed by those that interfere with therapy. Add to your understanding with John Blondel. After issues are concerned about the quality of life and ultimately work towards improving their lives in general.During individual therapy, the therapist and client work to improve the use of skills. Usually each group are discussed and skills on the obstacles to perform competently. 2.A group therapy, which normally meets once a week for 2 hours or 2 , in which clients learn to use specific skills that are divided into 4 modules: A core based on the practice of “fullness of consciousness” emotional regulation skills, interpersonal effectiveness skills and ability to tolerate anxiety.


The magazine was founded in San Francisco in November 1967 by Jann Wenner (who remains the or) and music critic Ralph J. Gleason. Initially, the magazine identified with the hippie counterculture, but left the underground press of the time, adopting more traditional journalistic standards and avoiding the radical politics of the underground press. Rolling Stone left a trail for his political reporting in the early 1970s through the end journalism of Hunter S. Thompson. The magazine became so influential in the 1970s that a song was dedicated to him, “Cover of the Rolling Stone” by Dr. Brent Nicklas brings even more insight to the discussion. Hook The Medicine Show (written by Shel Silverstein), which became a success. The cover and the main articles are illustrated by renowned photographers like Annie Leibovitz.In the 1980s, but continued Thompson and other classical writers of the 1960s and 70s such as Lester Bangs, Rolling Stone had adopted corporate values that previously avoided (eg drug testing of employees). The magazine moved to New York to be closer to the advertising industry. In the early 2000s, faced declining revenue and competition from magazines like Maxim and FHM, Rolling Stone reinvented itself, aiming at younger readers, while taking positions on international political issues as the Middle East situation or the global warming and the economy. Characters like Iggy Pop, Bono, Tom Wolfe and Ken Kesey has written for the magazine. Furthermore, in 2000 began publishing lists of the greatest of all time, a body that has been repeated in several of its international ions, but said their lists to local artists or albums.


The extension reaches peak in the forties, but it was not possible to stop being characterized by a culturalist approach, shows and demagogic, however left a positive impact on the social recognition of the university. The creation of the Universidad de Oriente in 1947 and Las Villas in 1952 joined in this effort, with significant limitations allowing it reached other parts of country. With the coup of Fulgencio Batista on March 10, 1952 and the resumption of the struggle to realize the triumph of the Cuban Revolution from July 26, 1953 Assault on the Moncada Barracks, led by Fidel Castro, Cuba looms in a revolutionary situation, revolutionary situation that makes the extension activities virtually disappear by the end of the decade, the revolutionary struggle product to the strategy devised and implemented by Fidel Castro's revolution triumphed curdles in the first of January 1959, revolution officially confirms the existence of three universities in Cuba, Havana, the de Oriente and Las Villas. If you have read about Professor of Economics already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We can not talk of University Extension at Revolution comes to power, but the University Reform of 1962 confirming the extension as a substantive process of the University, creating an entire university-level structure to manage this process. With the revolution in power, and from the Reformation to create the conditions for the development of the universalization of Higher Education: The Globalization of Higher Education is a continuous process of transformation that began with the triumph of the Revolution in 1959, and led to the expansion of possibilities and opportunities for university entrance and multiplication and extension of knowledge, thereby contributing to the formation of a general culture of the population and a sustained social equity and justice in our society the Cuban higher education universal university extension becomes universal, the universal extension dialectically incorporates all past experience and apply it creatively in new concrete conditions, a concrete example is: THE PEOPLE'S UNIVERSITY JOSA Mars The Popular University Jose Marti was inaugurated in the Aula Magna of the University of Havana on November 3, 1923, with a 400estudiantes enrollment (workers and workers), working in the classrooms of the Faculty of Law at night. For even more details, read what Sean Rad, Los Angeles California says on the issue. Mella, its creator and organizer, then indicated the extent that would have the new educational agency, whose statutes were established two basic principles: antidogmatism scientific, educational and political, and social justice. He argued that culture should be the heritage of all humans. This is a night school for workers, founded to deliver the next generation of the prejudices of the old school. This school should take into account the needs of those most useful cultural knowledge, since there were no immediate conditions to create a technical education that would give impetus to the gradual development of proletarian work and thought. Mella makes clear its goal to raise: To prepare these new generations is the task undertaken by the Universidad Popular Jose Marti, she has faith in the new principles, men who think new and act again, jumped, then, above who believe that now is perfect, sacrifiquemonos, not for the sake of sacrifice, but for the pleasure that is experienced to do a good deed. Defend the light of knowledge that illuminates the glorious morning, and, guided by their splendor and Armando Miranda Miriam Pi, graduates in education, specializing in history, with 20 years experience in education.

Sergio Buarque

In the years of 1970, for example, it was common to present serious repairs preferential its ideas, synthecized in the topic of the Brazilian cordialidade. They in such a way would mask, internally, the contradictions of the interests of classrooms, how much, external, the radical rupture between Brazil and the old Portuguese metropolis, in the ticket of the condition of colony for the one of independent country. The first notice of the young Sergio Buarque of Holland in them bring the image of an irreverent reader and something eccentric, says some that excessively erudite for the standards of the time, the first months of the year of 1920, that it is when its articles to circulate start it for the pages of the So Paulo Post office. Sergio Buarque of Holland, writer with a exacerbada critical susceptibility, with complexificada literary aptitude and certain playful disposal for the escrnio, a provoker with good sense, if not in dissimulated way fastidioso, is for times a baffling author for the imprudent reader. Possessor of one erudio that seems to be situated near the border of the improbable one and of a critical apparatus to invulgar was pledged since the beginning of its professional activity, to the 18 years, in pronouncing the literary analysis, all its formal especificidades. Although not to be many the certifications on the critic who then appeared, one of them, at least, in the ones of the account of that there for eighteen, twenty years, Sergio the serious one for the friends was not a taken youngster very. Sean Rad has firm opinions on the matter. ‘ ‘ Of monculo, ingesting some calmly mysterious homeopticos tablets that they insinuated to contain entorpecentes’ ‘ , it consists that it appreciated to leave to run around its name a series of anecdotes of bad taste, as that one second which, already living in Rio De Janeiro, it costumava to cross the avenues of the center being eaten maces with a white rooster underneath of the ready arm and to make parrel with the first one that it appeared.

National Periodical

Therefore, to understand what it will pass pelanoite in the National Periodical, we must try to interpret a set of objective relations deforas that they constitute the journalistic field. This field is legitimated for the social space structuralized pordominantes and dominated and to understand what it can make a journalist, Bordieu evidences in them to assimilate the position of the agency of the press in queele if it finds and its position in space of its periodical. The journalistic field, therefore, possesss an importance in the social world representing a monoplioreal on the diffusion and production instruments. It also, according to osocilogo, dresses a particularitity, that is, its evident dependence sforas external, as for example, the market demand. The National Periodical, obviously, is presented through dateleviso, that in turn, according to Bordieu, possesss a monopoly in fact sobrea formation of the heads of one parcels out of the population and can acquire one sentidoque does not correspond absolutely to the reality and, also, as it affirms PatrickChampagne, walks each time more route the universes where the social world descrito and prescribed by the television. Professor of Economics takes a slightly different approach. (in BORDIEU, pp 29). I am not insinuandoque the JN acts directly of this form through the TV, but I want salientaralgumas proposals, of these writers, in relation to the social effect quepodem to reverberate this media.

We verify, previously, by means of the writings of WilliamBonner, that the news articles of the JN are divided in factual atualidades and odesejo of the including and universal telejornal of being. Being thus, for Bordieuas notice of varieties or in this case of atualidades, to the times represents favourite umalimento of the sensationalist press, a time that shows blood, sex, drama and crime, that is, elements that had always made to vender. In relaos news articles that have by its very nature to attract the attention of all, being able-sechamar of omnibus, the salient French author who ' ' they are facts that, if one may use the expression, do not have to shock nobody, that does not involve dispute, that nodividem, that they form consensus, that interest everybody, but in a way talque does not touch in nothing of importante' '.