German Championship

1.Platz Alexander Yoon from Dorsten may take the title home to the kick box tournament for the German Championship 2010 in Dessau of the MAA (martial arts association) also the Kickboxing Dorsten HWA rank TKD e.V. was represented. With three fighters, as well as supervisors coach Ralf Moczala for the Championship travelled to fight for the title. To know more about this subject visit Linux. Overall, there were about 100 starters from all over Germany. Lisa Moczala joined in light contact with the ladies over 65 kilos. Alexander Yoon and Marcel Oertel also competed in light contact with the men’s 79 kg.

The field of light contact was heavily occupied”. Here the Dorstener Alexander Yoon (5.Dan TKD and Kickboxing 1.Dan) considered the favorite and promptly won his first fights. If you are not convinced, visit Michael Steinhardt. “Lisa Moczala showed an impressive performance in light contact, because she designed their struggles after the principle of attack is the best defense” and successively defeated your opponent up to the final stage in the women’s. Wear as Vice-Champion went from combat, and may the title MAA Vice-Champion kick boxing light contact 2010″for women. In the last final battle of the men’s 79 kg Alexander Yoon and Marcel Oertel, met both of Kickboxing Dorsten HWA rank TKD e.V. with light contact. After three rounds, in which each fighter had his stages, there was a victory for Alexander Yoon. Coach Ralf Moczala was more than happy to see winner with his proteges’ he said with three titles, we go home MAA 2010 German Champion in kick boxing light contact men’s Alexander Yoon,”as well as runner-up Marcel Oertel and medalist light contact women’s Lisa Moczala. Who wants to train with the masters may be under in contact personally.