Portuguese Good

Been born, created and lived until actualidade in the south of our country, in a zone of strong affluence of foreign tourists, even so also in the actualidade we, the Portuguese due to said econmica crisis or purely and simply because we woke up for the magnificent zones that we have here between us, in our small planted paradise to the side sea, also let us look very it as our destination of vacation, Ticha lives has about ten years the signals and symptoms that since it had been early announced it and to its familiar ones. Its legs oppose to obey it nowadays to it, nor that it is to remain itself of foot, will be for some time, therefore until it abandoned it to the balance.

It has made fisioterapia throughout the years, does not stop reverting the effect of its illness, but essentially to delay the most possible its appearance and aggravation. Unhappyly, well we know as it is our country level of assistance to health and even though medias social give preference to bad the news, because our people is whom he likes, as much to criticize as for the simple taste or atraco for the bad one, for the disaster and scandal, also exists good examples, exactly for here, of installment of very good services of health even so few, much less of what it would be to desire and that to aggravate, as do not vendem periodicals or captivate hearings, are not divulged pure and simply or when they are, they are it very quickly and in the end of the telejornais or a very small I sing of page of a periodical. Ticha has been victim of this system of health. Frequentou already, at least one of these good places of assistance to the health, where the main objectivo is of if to reach the best ones resulted in what it touches to the physical whitewashing of usuaries and it reached them.