Think that every family has different needs, for example, is not like painting a room for a hyperactive child syndrome, where dysfunctions are divided attention, incoordination, difficulty learning, to one with opposite characteristics, which need a more lively and dynamic stimulation. What we look for in a certain room, relax and rest, fire with passion and desire, a place for meditation …? We would need many pages to teach readers everything necessary for a proper decoration in every need, but I can provide some specific clues that they can apply to your taste. There are different shades in each color with some different effects as in the yellow, which produces different effects, depending on the hue and value. A pale yellow can create a bright and friendly atmosphere, however if it is severe it may be a deterrent. On the other hand, the orange is very difficult to soothe and clean is a very warm color that normally you can use it to make a note of color.

Warm colors convey a sense of unity and strength. Various shades of red can do well in dining halls and libraries, even in kitchens and bedrooms, but with caution and not abused. If we think of the rooms: For children, hints of orange decor. Cold and soothing colors create a sense of calm and confidence. For example, the blue, which usually inspires tranquility. If you paint a light blue room seem more bright and fresh. But if we paint it bright blue, creates a sober.