Plug And Play? Grid Connection Of Offshore Wind Farms

Meanwhile two more offshore wind farms in Germany in operation could be taken in addition to Alpha Ventus. More parks will follow in the coming years in the North and Baltic Sea. The largest wind farms are so in Germany and other European countries not on land, but far offshore off the coasts. Here much better utilization rates, optimal wind conditions lure and more recently also a better remuneration. Offshore wind turbines must master not only numerous structural, constructive and environmental permit legal challenges they must be connected also efficiently and smoothly on the grids on land. A Symposium devoted to the topic network connection of offshore wind farm power, network integration and transmission technologies (HVDC) “on 27-28 September 2011 in the Essen Haus der Technik.” The Symposium takes place in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich, Department of energy networks.

Experts report and discuss about the currently available techniques of high voltage direct current (HVDC), the German and European Netzsanschlussregeln as well as the special requirements for cables, converters, network dimensioning, and quality assurance. Testimonials from current offshore projects provide a practical framework for this Symposium.