Tire And Road Safety

When tires are safe and which criteria are relevant for security? There are design, driving experience, technology, facilities and price crucial criteria for the purchase of a new or used vehicle. Which prospect looks at this moment already especially on the tires? It is helpful that among others the German Road Safety Council (DVR) advocating for a long time the need for safe and good tyres. Because no matter whether new or used, the tires are the only contact between the vehicle and the road surface and thus of vital importance for the security. For consumers, the question arises: when a tire is safe and what criteria are relevant for security? The factors have the highest priority quality and reliability. The quality of a tire is reflected first and foremost on the braking distance, should be as short as possible in all weather and road conditions. The reliability, however, is measured on the mileage. Orient the consumers this can both on tyre testing,. who publishes the biannual distance automobile clubs, as well as the recommendations of tyre dealers and auto repair shops.

You should be considered in the tests as insufficiently or security for classified tyre by the interested parties not taken into consideration, even if it’s the cheapest tyres. It applies the selection: only good tyres give security! Find your authorised tyre sizes in the registration certificate. In addition to the most important factors when buying a tire, consumers can increase their safety in everyday life even. These include the adjustment of driving behaviour according to the weather and the road surface, the periodic review of the tire condition and air pressure. The General tyre condition is determined by the minimum profile of tyres in addition to the regular optical examination. If the summer or winter tires fall below the minimum specifications for the tires, it is advisable to replace the worn for a new tire.