God Helps

I have given, as I said to Moses, every place whereon the sole of your foot. From the wilderness and Lebanon to the great river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites to the great sea where the sun sets, it will be your territory. a (Joshua 1:2-4). a In the passage God declares that any territory trod “ie, which took possession ” he handed in his possession. The issue was not only to say: a Esa land Belongs us, but to take possession of it. That gave the battle, not their strength but in the Lord. a Think for a moment on the territory they inhabit: Is there violence? Addiction? sexual promiscuity? Deaths? Witchcraft? Now, on a personal level: You Facing obstacles? Attacks in your spiritual life? And what about your family: Is it difficult your spouse, children and families receive the message of salvation? Do any of your relatives are subjected to drugs or even moral behavior risky? a If so, my question required before continuing with Bible study is: What are you doing to recover this territory that Satan has won with guile and subtlety? It’s yours, as is his family and the blessings promised by God for his existenciaa “for example-but to assume a passive attitude to the siege and attacks the opponent’s spirit has given way to recapture today. The battle will be victorious because we will not fight us alone, but with God as our mighty captain! a Keep in mind that God told Joshua and us today, it is necessary to take possession of the land.