Brief General Vocabulary

The Chibcha language family comprises a group of languages and dialects spoken by the Chibcha people, who settled several countries in northern South America and southern Central America. One binds two Bosa, near or close at Mica round three, different, chosen Muyhica four, braid, black thing, or branch out. Hisca five potion, medicine Ta six, seven tillage cuhupcua ubchihica suhuza eight nine ten o'clock quihicha aca ata eleven o'clock twelve o'clock quihicha ubchihica quihicha bosa, ghetto so tied Twenty Twenty Gueta Gueta Asaqui bosa twenty-two Gueta Asaqui bosa ubchihica thirty forty gue gue gue hisca sixty percent mica gue muyquy home field factor quye stick out YBA fura blood cho woman shoots son is good gue fihisca soul, breath paba sua Father Sun Chia Earth Moon or region Quica gua guatoc Quebrada Monte Ray Ocasa pcuahasa Truth Well watered down so gue nga atugue If there is one nymy a lion or wildcat field chyquy muyquy priest bone quyne zocam year (including a lunar cycle) night Za ore Sua Sua days from the time the morning sun until noon Sua Mecca afternoon from noon until the sun entered Cagui night – early morning from midnight until sunrise Zasca since the sun was coming up to midnight every tribe chief tithu chircate square blanket Maure chumbe or small blanket liquira wide sash worn over the pin shoulders bullet large gold or silver to turn the blanket on his chest, and whose head is like a bell Muisca people cuhuca chie cuhuca Ear Ear upcuaga aba Corn Elbow Tabs chispcua HICA pcuapcua Stone Language quihicha Pie Hat pcua chia cat Luna Fire Head sysqui Boca quyhyca upcua YTA Hand Eye Boobs Chue Sue Bird mue Mollera Ant gua HICA ize Fish Stone Water sie Cuza Tooth Comb out music Nose Bird YBA supcua Crab Blood sue xie, sie River Piedra HICA Zipa, Zaque, lord yoms, potatoes or potatoes yomuy Chib cha staff man male CHAPTER II The Chibcha language compared to the American languages "He has affinities with the Japanese, Maya, Quiche, Quichua-Brinton errors about the common origin of the Chibcha and other tribes, and dissemination of the Chibcha language Compared with sinsiga, the Arawak and Chibcha Chimila-Affinities of the Talamanca, the guayami and other dialects Isthmus-The migration of wine Chibchas North America, far from the country party in them towards Costarrica, as Brinton says, "Likeness of the works of art from the Talamanca and Chiriqui and dissimilarity of each other in respect of the Chibcha-similarity of some of their customs. .