Federal Prescription

The linear comment, in particular, is the biggest example of dishonesty in the commercial relations between the medical accords and the rendering companies of medical services. However, the invoices emitted for the rendering of services are folloied normally of forma bills of sale. In case that the company who received the feared comment is fit in the Federal Prescription with profit presumed, she will be with plus a damage (RODRIGUES, 2007). In this way, Loverdos (1999, p.28), affirms that: A time established to the condition, the comment starts to be exception and as such managed, minimizes common upheavals for the relation with the rendering. On the other hand, this prevents that procedures carried through without the previous questioning are commented, getting worse the relation with the lender and the customer who later will be set in motion for the had compensation. 11 Therefore, to prevent comment it is task that involves all the areas, especially the credenciamento that starts in the negotiation and the implantation of the contract and requires of the team of professionals of the health, that is, responsible doctors and nurses for the referring registers to the evolution of handbooks (LOVERDOS, 1999). Educative material continued Education is so that it has a constant update, offering as allied the preparation, information and in the update of the scientific knowledge and the abilities of the nursing professionals, developing itself the critical reasoning and to the creativity. The educative process is used in the work in health, with intention of change in the information, attitudes or behaviors. In this direction it is pertinent to introduce some concepts of motivations, dynamics of groups and didactic methodology, thus looking for, to delineate a general, ample structure, how much to the job of the educative process in the activity of health (OGUISSO, 2000). According to digital Almeida (2003, p.331), environments of learning is defined as: ' ' Available computational systems in the Internet, destined to the support of activities mediated for the technologies of information and communication.