Time Management

The current scenario where we find ourselves, affects people we are exposed to pressure situations and demands in our personal lives, work, academic, among others. a In this context, competition is common every day and we need to generate products to be quickly assessed and considered. a There are many ways to deal with this type of situation, and that means being organized and having the ability to properly manage the time we have, our resources (personnel and material, etc.). Here are some ideas of what to do to get organized: DEFINE YOUR OBJECTIVE: If you do not know what you want, how you could move? It is important that you clear what your goal in life, where you want to go and where you position yourself. MANAGEMENT OF TIME: Time is a valuable resource because it is something that never recovers, life gives us hours, minutes and seconds that we need to know to take to achieve success in your life. Remember, organize your time: Your family, your work, your career and studies, fun (friends).

There must be a balance between all areas where you distribute your time but do not take a second, but remember, without an intimate group as family and friends, you can not have stability, it is essential to quality time with your loved ones. In time management includes being punctual in your appointments. to form habits: Habit is habit and what is best to have positive habits, try to be consistent in anything you want to do and learn to be persistent. a PERSISTENCE: The only way that a person can develop in life is to be persistent, no other way, the need to give that extra effort means that we are not demoralized or rindamosa the first. Self-discipline: If you have a vision and a plan made, you have to be consistent and start defining concrete steps that can move forward. One of the main challenges is to be self-disciplined, that is, you have the ability to commit to something and be willing to comply.

PLAN: Planning enables us to properly our actions, a How do you think a building is built?, A or any work or design. First is a plan to provide a solid foundation. All part of a planning staff, methodical organization, no matter where you are or where you are, to generate new ideas: Try out proposing new ideas and activities that will give added value and be valued by the people you surround. KEEP THE ENTHUSIASM: Regardless what you have planned to start, do not miss the excitement, that will give you the energy to succeed in what you undertake. Here are some ideas, hopefully you enjoyed. Health and success in everything. Patricia Balda has a degree in sociology and a master’s in administration and social management, social studies projects. He specializes in strategic planning working in public and private organizations with expertise in learning processes.