Exercise Programs

The idea is that the weight must be abated immediately, but then the same weight will seem inadequate in the upper section amplitude, where the biceps the most. Cheating is just helping to solve the problem. How? Due to jerk the body! You gather all the strength and tear the body weight. Due to inertia, he passes the so-called 'Dead' part of the amplitude, well beyond you, so to speak, 'Catches' it, and pick up a bicep strength. Violation of technology? Exactly. However, for the benefit of the case.

Due to cheating, you can significantly increase the load, and with it the return of the exercise. Notes. Initial spurt in the exercises for biceps create dramatic straightening of the knees. Some try to deflect sharply back torso, and this is the way to the waist injury. 'Comfortable' exercises.

Only exercises on biceps and Delta! Note This method is most suitable for training before the competition or the beach season. 'Comfortable' exercises. Suit any exercise program, but will have to reduce weight. 5) Combination Sets Try two exercises in one and the same muscle each other without interruption. Relax and repeat the combination again once or twice. These sets are combined stimulate more muscle growth than ordinary sets, but as any shock method need careful application. We recommend to every workout. Notes. Of two exercises for some necessarily give you worse; with it and start. 'Comfortable' exercises. Combi-Sets for the best results chest and back. 6) Method 'holiday break' classical scheme looks like this: you pick a weight 85-90% of its maximum odnopovtornogo, performing 2.3 repeat, relax for about thirty seconds, then do another 2-3 repeat, again and relax 'Finishes' many repetitions as you can. When you train alone, an attempt to 'grind' a few extra reps in the bench press you might end in failure, so do not use this method in the exercises, where the weight can you pin down.