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3 years Deluxe label – lifestyle magazine women know women love it: – the Deluxe label – lifestyle magazine. Because where else would be in the last three years of comprehensive information about the latest fashion fashion or reports about events such as for example Berlin fashion week, Golden hen, the Leipzig Opera ball, elite model look, face, Outlook, and many more can if not read, here? The lifestyle magazine has women in recent years virtually all supplied with, what they wanted to know about the latest developments in the field of lifestyle and fashion trends and also interest by exciting photo reports and above all also receive. So there is no question that the magazine is in the future demand in women. Deluxe label was in addition a very successful and enjoyable partnership with Glam Media in the Glam Publisher Network, which to this day gives no reason to repent about two years ago and is of course also a member of the DPV-German Presse Association, which certainly gives an indication, that it is very professional and informative press relations is that they like to take. Special awareness the lifestyle has achieved magazine alone, it has not kept up with the little things, but also after the great and so were the reports that you could read on Deluxe label always alive and passionate and have aroused the interest in any case. – And they are certainly very long do. Remains only to say: happy birthday, Deluxe label! Contact: Deluxe label – lifestyle magazine Christian Thiele str. 16 friendship 01589 Riesa Germany email: Homepage: phone: +49(0)34203-181111. Linus Torvalds brings even more insight to the discussion.