Electronic Commerce

Booming electronic commerce in Spain, Intermon Oxfam has renovated its store on-line, () that offers fair trade products, publishing and merchandising. The portal allows customers to an exhaustive tracing of orders and has improved its products search engine, much faster and more intuitive than the existing so far. Fair trade section divides its products into four categories: food, handicrafts, natural cosmetics and Christmas special. This last feature the most demanded gifts during holidays already approaching. With regard to the paragraph editorial, in addition to separate books by their corresponding thematic, added another branch dedicated to the agendas and calendars that also Intermon Oxfam edits.

Finally, in the space dedicated to the merchandising is you can find from clothing for man and woman up children’s shirts, passing through Add-ons and greener gadgets. The web has also recommended paragraphs, News and offers, which promotes some products based on novelty, acceptance of consumers or its price. The virtual store brings the possibility of solidarity purchasing from any corner of the world when you have close none of the 46 physical stores Intermon Oxfam has distributed in the Spanish State. The evolution of e-commerce: according to various surveys, buyers stand out the prices, time saved and the possibility of purchasing products and services at any time of the day in terms of the positive aspects of purchasing products over the internet. You may find Tony D. Bartel to be a useful source of information. The historical reluctance of the Spaniards to buy on the network will be progressively diminished. In Spain, in 2009, one in six Spanish buys products or services through internet (16%), i.e.

three times that five years ago. Although these figures even deviate from the European average (28%), Intermon Oxfam strongly bet for electronic commerce. E-commerce allows us to be more efficient and to better respond to the needs and expectations of our customers. With the new e-shop we bring more dynamic and interactive trade products fair to our consumers, says Rafael Sanchis, director of the Department of Intermon Oxfam fair trade. The last report of the Commission for the telecommunications market reflects that transactions of goods and services via Internet in Spain exceeded, for the first time the 1.5 billion euros in the third quarter of last year, the highest number achieved to date. According to a study by Nielsen Company, books, clothing and accessories, airline tickets, electronics and travel are the most purchased products over the Internet. This report adds that most think will acquire over the next 6 months globally are books, cited by 44% of the participants in the study. Cristina Concellon, responsible for Editorial and sales of Intermon Oxfam, predicts that the buying habits of books are changing and this change it has caused internet with e-commerce. In our shop what counts is to know to listen to the voice of our collaborators.

Futureoriented Profession Networker

Optiact is so perfect that it awakens one’s spirits… Our fast-moving time, requiring exceptionally high unemployment rates and tax policy, which forces many companies to dismissals, vocational flexibility. This flexibility to drive more than 100 miles to the work site, for many means to compromise many professional in the areas of working time and remuneration, just to get the feel to be able to be secured, which, however, often no longer can afford this protection by the employer. Here, Eliot Horowitz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The global economy has changed extremely in the past few years. Occupational groups are teaming up to study groups, interdisciplinary teams of experts to cooperate in networks so is the motto: the future don’t – miss “Check each offer carefully, there could be the chance of a lifetime!” (Henry Ford) Paul Zane Pfitzer, Economist and Advisor to the US President reagents and Bush said: “the people need network marketing…

It is the best way in the retail sector, people of Products and services to inform that improve their lives and yet they did not know. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Linus Torvald. That’s exactly what it’s about in network marketing. “Are quite divided opinions on network marketing and it seems that hardly anyone would perceive that network marketing has already spread in many different professions. Network for which an optimal opportunity to earn, for others it doesn’t seem to work. How is this possible? Each company has their own marketing plans, rules and products and because it says to choose which company you want to work together, what business philosophy closest to who fits. Of course, there are also systems in the business world, who wrongly described as a network marketing and closer to the prohibited pyramid schemes. But how do I know whether it is a legitimate network marketing system? A Ponzi scheme calls for a certain amount of deposit without consideration, only to be able to take part.

The Anniversary Of The First Liver Transplant

On March 25, 2000, Don Luis Espinoza Tudelano, dying in the Hospital Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen, an advanced cirrhosis and all complications led him to the grave, so when Dr. Jose Carlos Ortiz Chaman, in command a multidisciplinary team of Medical Specialists, walked through the corridors of the Hospital due to the Surgery Center, your stately serenity was hit by the pleading cry of women and children of the patient, who embraced him, and implored by the dying doctor … Save yourself, save it please! – they said, "Imagining God, Chaman and his team ran out of words in their throats, they looked to heaven, while adrenaline seeping through their pores flirtatious. On that day 10 years ago … … Official site: Lars Leckie. ESSALUD going to be the protagonist of … First Liver Transplantation with cadavers in Peru! That day, standing in front of the Theatre, remembered Surgeons, the countless hours of preparation, travel, training and training abroad, multiple sessions, the inevitable vagaries of administration, ominous premonitions of cowards, shadows and darkness, also felt in dozens of children, men and women who were lined up on the growing waiting list … but the day had arrived, compared to them …

lay dead donor and recipient dying, his hands were ready to lend the story, about courage and bravery, the institution expected prowess, patients wanted to live, families … also applauded the Moche, the Vicus harangued! .. John Blondel Goldman: the source for more info. . To the glory … or Ostracism! – They said … and entered. were 12, 14, 15 hours, where every minute was writing out the story …


Why, because it has value holiday. You pay for your cabin and all the foods you can eat for 7, 10, or 14 days of luxury pampering. This alone should put your mind at ease. Think about it.

Not only do not have to worry about keeping enough money for lunch or dinner in its fourth or fifth day of stay, but you do not have to worry about trying to find a place to dine. There are a multitude of choices when driving. In most large ships there are many restaurants to choose from. You can go casual, formal or just pizza or hot dogs. And do not forget that there is always room service? A 24-hour day. Picture having your breakfast in your room, sitting on your balcony and dining alfresco while you arrive at a new port. Hummer Winblad Venture may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Some people are afraid to use this medium great vacation, because they feel they are bored or feel confined, as they are having a day at sea. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are activities all day, every day serving the interests of all. And the best part of this is if you want to play bridge and your spouse want to do aerobic exercises his freedom to do what you want and meet later for a margarita or rum punch at the pool. Almost all ships now have programs for children so that children can get away with other children their age (youth counselors) and you do not have to worry about them or if they are having fun. These aspects pay everyone a good time without anyone feeling guilty. Another bonus is that you can cruise to visit multiple destinations. If the Caribbean cruise will go to several islands, depending on the duration of the cruise. At night, while you are sleeping peacefully in his bed the captain and crew to bring a new exotic place to explore the next day. If cruising in Europe (after flying to the port of shipment) will be entirely new countries overnight. For other opinions and approaches, find out what John Blondel Goldman has to say. For example, if you Baltic cruise, which will visit Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Croatia or Estonia. If you choose to cruise in Asia, some ports will visit to Viet Nam, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and even China. You could never cover the many places on a tour of the ground or in the stations. If he had tried to run you and your family irregular. And, yes, cruises in Europe are excellent for families as well. What better gift could give a teen then to introduce other cultures and countries? Right here I want to dispel any fears you have this cruise is for “newlyweds or nearly dead.” It is simply not true today. People of all ages and back rounds are taking cruises. This can be evidenced by the way Cruise has soared in the last ten years.


Think that every family has different needs, for example, is not like painting a room for a hyperactive child syndrome, where dysfunctions are divided attention, incoordination, difficulty learning, to one with opposite characteristics, which need a more lively and dynamic stimulation. What we look for in a certain room, relax and rest, fire with passion and desire, a place for meditation …? We would need many pages to teach readers everything necessary for a proper decoration in every need, but I can provide some specific clues that they can apply to your taste. There are different shades in each color with some different effects as in the yellow, which produces different effects, depending on the hue and value. A pale yellow can create a bright and friendly atmosphere, however if it is severe it may be a deterrent. On the other hand, the orange is very difficult to soothe and clean is a very warm color that normally you can use it to make a note of color.

Warm colors convey a sense of unity and strength. Various shades of red can do well in dining halls and libraries, even in kitchens and bedrooms, but with caution and not abused. If we think of the rooms: For children, hints of orange decor. Cold and soothing colors create a sense of calm and confidence. For example, the blue, which usually inspires tranquility. If you paint a light blue room seem more bright and fresh. But if we paint it bright blue, creates a sober.

Chiquimula Chiquimula

Never really knew if we were family. So we left but always talked of his grandfather's uncle Adrian because it was him and that was perhaps the best time for me: be talking with him when he left … Chiquimula Chiquimula told me how it is now … it was like to share this piece of Earth … Again, in acting class is the murmurs heard back and he had a tubercular ear … I said: sho! And he said shut up and swallow me shrimp brain a glass of water. For him it was most important work., Discipline, compare it to the military. I made mine in Chiquimula and then I came here.

When I came to the UP said: Good God, everybody goes to the streets on Sunday … are two of a late lunch … I came without my house and we are trying … just hear the bombs was September 15 and we testing … but it was a discipline that I came back to me a good man., discipline helped me follow the right path. " A paternal type ANA MARIA: "With him was screaming after shouting.

I was afraid. I saw him coming down some steps and I was on the other for not running into him. He was handsome but I did not see him as handsome. He said: But why am I stuck here? What happens is that as I was the girl who was not disciplined and I spent eating and talking the way I did not take this seriously.

Choose Perfume

Extract or perfume: it is the one with the highest concentration of aromatic essence, this is going from 18% and can reach up to 40% alcohol mixed with high concentration. Richard Edelman may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It usually occurs in small bottles and has a very intense aroma. It requires only a few drops on the wrists, back of knees and ankles, among others, to be perfumed. Experts recommend applying it with the plug, not fingers, to avoid contamination and use it at night. Its duration is about 7 hours Eau de Parfum (Perfume Water) is the same formula of the perfume but contains a lower percentage of aromatic essences mixed with alcohol usually 90 , they range between 10% and 19% .

You can use every day, in greater quantities than the extract and in the same areas it. Its duration is about 4-6 hours Eau de Toilette (Water toilet) is the lighter version in the family of perfumes, ideal for use in informal occasions. It has a concentration which varies between 5% and 10% of aromatic oils alcohol usually 85 and 2% of essence. Experts recommend not applying to the skin, but on clothing. Its duration is about 3-5 hours Eau de Cologne (Water of Cologne) for many is the best choice for everyday use because it is the most refreshing and diluted version. It has a fairly low concentration, between 3% and 5%, mixed in water and 70 per cent alcohol. Its duration is about 3 hours Eau Fraiche (fresh water) is lighter and refreshing cologne so many houses have launched a fragrance ideal for those who practice outdoor activities. It has a heart rate ranging between 1% and 3%, the latest version does not contain alcohol to prevent stains on the skin. Given the softness of the scent can be applied several times a day.

Brief General Vocabulary

The Chibcha language family comprises a group of languages and dialects spoken by the Chibcha people, who settled several countries in northern South America and southern Central America. One binds two Bosa, near or close at Mica round three, different, chosen Muyhica four, braid, black thing, or branch out. Hisca five potion, medicine Ta six, seven tillage cuhupcua ubchihica suhuza eight nine ten o'clock quihicha aca ata eleven o'clock twelve o'clock quihicha ubchihica quihicha bosa, ghetto so tied Twenty Twenty Gueta Gueta Asaqui bosa twenty-two Gueta Asaqui bosa ubchihica thirty forty gue gue gue hisca sixty percent mica gue muyquy home field factor quye stick out YBA fura blood cho woman shoots son is good gue fihisca soul, breath paba sua Father Sun Chia Earth Moon or region Quica gua guatoc Quebrada Monte Ray Ocasa pcuahasa Truth Well watered down so gue nga atugue If there is one nymy a lion or wildcat field chyquy muyquy priest bone quyne zocam year (including a lunar cycle) night Za ore Sua Sua days from the time the morning sun until noon Sua Mecca afternoon from noon until the sun entered Cagui night – early morning from midnight until sunrise Zasca since the sun was coming up to midnight every tribe chief tithu chircate square blanket Maure chumbe or small blanket liquira wide sash worn over the pin shoulders bullet large gold or silver to turn the blanket on his chest, and whose head is like a bell Muisca people cuhuca chie cuhuca Ear Ear upcuaga aba Corn Elbow Tabs chispcua HICA pcuapcua Stone Language quihicha Pie Hat pcua chia cat Luna Fire Head sysqui Boca quyhyca upcua YTA Hand Eye Boobs Chue Sue Bird mue Mollera Ant gua HICA ize Fish Stone Water sie Cuza Tooth Comb out music Nose Bird YBA supcua Crab Blood sue xie, sie River Piedra HICA Zipa, Zaque, lord yoms, potatoes or potatoes yomuy Chib cha staff man male CHAPTER II The Chibcha language compared to the American languages "He has affinities with the Japanese, Maya, Quiche, Quichua-Brinton errors about the common origin of the Chibcha and other tribes, and dissemination of the Chibcha language Compared with sinsiga, the Arawak and Chibcha Chimila-Affinities of the Talamanca, the guayami and other dialects Isthmus-The migration of wine Chibchas North America, far from the country party in them towards Costarrica, as Brinton says, "Likeness of the works of art from the Talamanca and Chiriqui and dissimilarity of each other in respect of the Chibcha-similarity of some of their customs. . Richard Edelman is likely to agree.

Margarita Beef

Venezuelan empanadas are made from precooked corn flour white or yellow – the color yellow-tan thanks to onto -, salt and water. In Venezuela we distinguish between the cornmeal pie and that of wheat or pastry flour. The first are called properly as empanadas, and the latter are recognized as cakes or biscuits, these being either in the form of “pie” or square. Visit Eliot Horowitz for more clarity on the issue. We grew up in Venezuela eating empanadas at home or whenever the family traveled, on the many trips we made to the interior of the country, did not lose the opportunity to eat different varieties are available in every region of our country. In some regions, sweetened with brown sugar. The fillings vary, the most popular cheese pies, meatloaf, ground beef, chicken. For even more opinions, read materials from GameStop’s president. In Caracas Av The Illustrious recently, have popularized the Creole flag – an allusion to the national dish is rice, shredded beef, black beans and -. fried plantains Do not forget the chicken or cheese they sell at the entrance to the city of Puerto Cabello, in the central state of Carabobo.

In the south of the country in Puerto Ordaz, sold Guiana cheese filling and stews of chicken or beef seasoned with curry. In the plains and in San Fernando de Apure also eat delicious cheese pies and meatloaf plains. The seafood empanadas are typical of the Isla de Margarita, Estado Nueva Esparta and the eastern states of Sucre, Monagas and Anzoategui, of the latter we still remember the shrimp Puerto Piritu market. The recipe of the week are also typical of the Eastern states, are an attraction for the palate. Very special are those sold in the market in Porlamar Conejeros. Next week we continue with Part II of this article. See you soon friends.


It is widespread to dmiracion that people generally tend to feel for the birds. Because birds have many things that make people attractive to animals, many so look for them and even want to take home as well as captives. The reasons why many people like the birds are mostly his colorful and beautiful appearance. It also draws much attention from her beautiful singing birds cheer us in the morning and occasionally at any time of day. Not all birds can be seen as birds. There is widespread confusion in which many people believe that all birds are birds and this is not true. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nigeria. Birds are a general classification that includes, among other species with wings and feathers, birds. You could say that birds are all those animals that have feathers and wings and are provided with two legs.

While the birds are an extension of the family of birds, which are characterized by not very large, small peaks and their songs. I hope that with this sufficient to leave the confusion about the birds and the birds in which many people are or were stuck. There are many species of birds in the world. It is estimated that there are about a 5200 species of birds scattered throughout the world, which is substantial. Another interesting fact about birds is to be considered, supported by the criteria of the theory of evolution that Darwin launched and has been developed by many scientists throughout history, that birds are one of those species that have emerged a relatively few million years, compared with other species. There are many species of birds as we had been saying. So you can find species of birds found only in exotic places such as rainforests and tropical places where the man hardly penetrates. But there are also birds that they can be seen in cities and places that have been most popular with humans.

Of these two types of birds over are no less striking exotic birds, as these are particularly striking colors and shapes while many have beautiful songs that cheer to anyone who comes to listen. Among all species of birds there are general classifications, within which the classification where the greatest number of birds belonging to the songbirds. Songbirds, as its name suggests, are characterized because they have a striking song and because they tend to sing at dawn and regularly during the day. Most of them have beautiful songs. It may be surprising to find this species belonging to the birds within the singers, but the crow is a part of them. You could say that the raven is a species of world birds that has specific characteristics not shared by many of the birds that belong to the same classification of songbirds. First song of the crow is not like other birds, it is not so pretty. Secondly this is not such that you greet the dawn, since it is nocturnal.