Moshe Cordovero

Her appearance at the light caused a sharp jump in human development. The flowering of science, political and economic reforms, the scrapping of habitual frameworks and principles. Mankind has a powerful push forward toward the goal, who knows the secrets known only to the “Zohar.” 15th century, Jerusalem. Here lives a little boy who knows all about the transmigration of souls. This is a future great Kabbalist the Ari. In three years, he says his father: “Many centuries ago, you were a glazier in Jerusalem by the Romans crucified for you at the Jaffa Gate.” After 13 years, takes away his mother to Egypt, where on an island in the Nile River, he is studying the book “Zohar.” Fully comprehended what was said in “Zohar,” Ari went to Safed – Kabbalistic city.

Great Kabbalists, for many years engaged in this science, he felt it, a 36-year-old young man, a great teacher and come to him in the group. Here, and 76-year-old Moshe Cordovero – renowned Kabbalist and Yosef Karo, who wrote the 20-volume work “Shulchan Aruch” and most devoted disciple later ARI – Chaim Vital … Only allow him to continue to study ARI Kabbalah after his death, but he bequeathed all his manuscripts. At the age of 38 years ARI dies. Part of the manuscript was buried with him in a difficult part of traveling with the trunk Chaim Vital …

Even at night, hand resting on Chaim Vital this trunk … And once Chaim Vital ill. For three days he is unconscious. Manuscripts steal, and during these three days are the fastest rewrite their scribes … Again, changes, wars and revolutions inflicted upon humanity. Changing social formations, rapid development of industry, rise of science – all this is foretold in the book of “Zohar.” Again, we are going to ever-increasing speed to an unknown target. The 20 th century. Baal Sulam book reveals the “Zohar” for our generation. He was born in Poland. From his early years he studied the science of Kabbalah. Already in his early years was recognized genius. At the beginning of the century, when a young man, Baal Sulam announces to all who are willing to hear what was the end of the story. Time to climb to the spiritual top, prepared for all mankind. He calls upon all to whom can dokrichatsya, start studying Kabbalah, anticipating that threatens to delay a disaster to humanity. This is indicated in the book of “Zohar.” He warns begs … Listening a few. The fact that ensued, it is known. World War II, and 100 million dead. Present day. The book “Zohar” is available to all. One has only to take a book shelf. We left detailed instructions – with prefaces, drawings and commentary. Thousands of people are engaged today in these books. So what is this book – “The Zohar”? This book is about you and me who we are and who should be. Why are we born, and where to go. On the purpose and the way to it, which everyone has his own, but that will take us all together.


What could be the consequences of incorrect medication? – In the best case reduces their effectiveness. Worse, when it falls very much what happens after taking the drug during meals or shortly afterward. Can vary the rate of passage of drugs through the digestive tract, the rate of their absorption into the blood (diphenhydramine, furosemide). (As opposed to Hummer Winblad Venture). One can give such a vivid example: the peak therapeutic concentration for paracetamol on an empty stomach is reached after 40 minutes, and after a meal – 2,5 hours.

Some drugs can break down into constituent parts: for example, acetylsalicylic acid – in salicylic and acetic acid. Acidic environment of the stomach can neutralize antibiotics such as erythromycin and ampicillin, cardiac glycosides. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Goop London, UK has to say. A number of medicines react with food components and soluble nonabsorbable complexes. From this perspective, it makes no sense to take immediately after eating dairy tetracycline. Calcium, which is assigned to many people, including pregnant women, it is best to take before meals. Adopted after a meal, it can almost completely be related to acid plant foods or fatty foods. Remember, not only of the hours of medication, but also on their compatibility.

It is estimated, for example, that the admission of three drugs threatens the development of adverse reactions in 15-25% of cases. If you took 5 – 6 drugs at once, without having consulted about the possibility of their combination, side effects may occur in approximately 80% of cases. – The contents of some liners is difficult to understand, too difficult, they are composed. – Yes, from this same error occurs, up to severe cases. In addition, the doctor writes a few recommendations for treatment, but it should be done necessarily. True, the specialist from whom you have visited, time of drug administration points in the recipe, but not as detailed as “15 minutes before a meal.” In addition, after buying drugs, you can stay without a prescription and a pharmacist is not up to consultation. So, going in the clinic and the pharmacy, take a pen and notebook. – Are there any situations when you have to significantly deviate from the accepted standards of treatment? – Yes, often. One example – the disease of the gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, gallbladder and liver. In such cases, the doctor prescribes taking shape sparing drugs, such as after a meal. But most drugs administered intramuscularly or intravenously, are used in candles, under the tongue.

Apache Sites

Mod_rewrite with Apache, it's a great opportunity to give a dynamic view of a static site to be in the index of many search engines that do not understand the icons present in the dynamic reference type? & And flatly refuse to index sites with dynamic links, except that in addition to the main page. More info will not settle for partial explanations. In addition the module mod_rewrite to compensate for deficiencies indexing of your site with and without. It is known that If the user one and the same-site with and without is the same, for many search engines are two different site and pages of these two yaoby different sites can even be differently indexed. There is another interesting application Module mod_rewrite. Everyone knows that almost any modern addition to the main hosting allows parked on a single ip to have a so-called additional domains.

They may well be a few pieces. This means that hosting allows on one account have multiple sites. Most often the primary domain is a large dynamic website, where in the file. Htaccess prescribed rules for the mod_rewrite module for the site which include rules for converting static site links into dynamic script to work properly site. But if there are additional domains, such as little old static sites, but they usually are in one and the same folder, account public_html, then they just stop working, because for them, too, will run the rule on the ground. htaccess to convert static links into dynamic. Out of this is simple enough.


Probably it is clear that as far as it was not original, elegant and delicious your food, it is unlikely to impress a visiting child. Make the holiday more fun contests to help, funny skits, joke contests. Not is to invite too many children. And still need to enlist the support of the person who will look after the children and organize games overall.

Picking up games for your holiday, parents will be able not only to please and consider the kids laugh, but also give them a unique opportunity reaches out, and erosion-be lived. Gifts, harvested in advance, to give after each game. And each dy child should get at least one of them. In our time There are many publications with clips of different games, and generally the media is working great. But, in my opinion for a children’s holiday will suit those games: “Firefighters” Before the competition in the middle of the room to 1 meter put 2 chairs on backs to each other. On the back hang jackets, pre-removing their sleeves.

Under the chairs on the floor need to stretch the rope. On a signal from the leading two teaching-ticipants must run to every man unto his chair, wear a jacket by removing the sleeves and buttoned. Then the players must run around the chair contender, to return to his seat, sit on a chair and pull the rope. The winner is awarded the title of “Best fireman.” “Funny Story to each participant games give a pen and a blank sheet of paper. Nigeria has plenty of information regarding this issue. Lead sets in-question: “Who?” – And then each wrote a reply and bends sheet to record was not visible. Then transferred to a piece of his neighbor. Lead sets following in-question: “Where?”. Then the edge with the inscription again bent, and the leaf again transferred to another party. This is followed by questions: “When?”, “Who?”, “What did you do?”. You can think of other, very different, and in any quantity to fox-current was used up until the end. At the end of the game, each piece unfold and read out aloud the stories that turned out. “Minesweeper” Bidders issue boxing gloves. On the floor, scatter differently-colored balloons. Y each member a different color balls. Players must crush in 1 minute boxing gloves as many balls its CEE-ta. “Sailors and deck” Those who wish to participate in the game are divided into two teams. They are arranged in a neck-Rengo, and the first player to lead produces a bucket with a mop. Players must stand with one foot in a bucket, and hands to take the edge of the bucket and a mop. In this position, they will run a certain distance and return to the team to ne-transmits the baton to the next player. Win is the team that first on the right with the job. “Read the inscription” In the back of each child’s leading leaf attaches to the word written on it. Everyone should strive to read inscription on the back of others, and its group- hide. One whose words were loud, out of the game. The winner becomes the one who is able to hold out the longest.

Russian State Social University

As we know, no one institution can not do without their own libraries. "A collection of books – the same university," – said a famous English writer and philosopher of the XIX century, Thomas Carlyle, and was absolutely right. Scientific literature helps to master the skill, works of art are taught the wisdom of life, and journalism – the art to express their thoughts on paper and speak beautifully. Enrolled in the Russian State Social University, students are not just written in a comfortable, modern library, and access to Information and Library Center (IBTS), a major university. At all study sites RSSU work rooms and subscription service specialized reading rooms.

In order to obtain textbooks, books, or work out in the reading room is not necessary to go to the other end of Moscow – IBTS at hand, in each faculty. Read additional details here: Hummer Winblad Venture. But if you have a tendency, for example, to study foreign literature, be sure to sign up to the French library. Here, a unique collection of educational and fiction literature, movies in foreign languages. Students have a great opportunity enjoy the atmosphere of France, to feel the beauty of language, to get acquainted with the works of French writers, poets and artists, the works of photographers. In the study of humanities great help serve as a foundation Academic Reading Room, where the focus of the largest collections of books of our scientists (St.

Wilhelm Pieck, 4). Find the book in the library collection will e-catalog, through which the search is conducted source of information in databases IBTS. To do this, simply click the word "library" on the University website and collect book title or author name in the "electronic catalog". If you encounter difficulties, you can directly to ask questions or get a bibliographer and 10 bibliographic entries on the problem posed in a mode online. Suppose you are a student and the teacher got from a long list of books, found them on the site electronic catalog, and came to IBTS. A natural question arises: how many books you can take and for how long? Textbooks are issued for a semester, but usually this is not enough. With a serious approach to study the subject without relevant literature is necessary. In this situation, we recommend to look into the specialized reading rooms and the Academic Reading Room. Here you can take advantage of additional literature and periodic publications on the topic of interest to you. And finally, art books can be taken in not more than three copies in two weeks. Electronic library of social RSSU can rightly be called the library of the future: textbooks and manuals, articles and monographs, theses and abstracts are included in the e-catalog, and read them while sitting at the computer. In order to develop skills and competencies of information culture, as well as work with electronic books for students of library staff developed a course "Foundations of Culture IBTS users." In addition to using its resources, RSCU subscribes to electronic journals cycles on the main disciplines, electronic theses of the Russian State Library. VI Lenin. Also, students of our university have access to electronic resources of the University Information System (MIS Russia) and Electronic library of educational and scientific publications (IQ LIB). This is a very powerful resources, because here you can find the latest statistics and the latest scientific work. Currently, the library began RSCU modernization of the service users, which in the near future we plan to transform into a powerful, more technologically new data center. After all, there is always something to strive for.

Boris Krieger Works

And always – the holiday. Boris Krieger much is given. And he is quite aware. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit GameStop’s president. It therefore, the writer lives, works and works on the principle "To whom much is given – with him much." Boris Krieger refers to itself, ironically, to the world – a bit condescending, forgiving his weakness and people (who are willing and ready hear) says very important things about themselves and about life: "All the time we rush about life as a handful of ants, which threw the unfamiliar picnic table" ("A Thousand Lives). Let us look at a few works philosopher.

Because the basic ideas they still resonate, flow from one book to another and evolve. So, "Kitchen philosophy. Treatise on the right , samoroman "thousands of lives. Ode to the crisis of the mature age "and the novel-joke" Maskin "(the first part of the Novels Maskine). Checking article sources yields GameStop’s president as a relevant resource throughout. "Why should you spend your precious golden moments of life on sorting out my bukovok with zapyatochkami? You're the last generation that can still Read on! I am not referring to the inscriptions on the walls, I mean reading the works longer than the fine for parking in a prohibited place.

A manual on the application itself we still forgot to give, and therefore nothing to read "(Maskin). To my great regret, in this case, dear Boris Kriger in some degree wrong. He is overly optimistic and unduly expands the readership of his books. Because the readership of his books will not be included as those who have not read anything more complicated romance novels and wiser detective.

Markup Language

Ie in the search you will see same type of sites with the same text and I am sure is initially higher in the search results than you. So why then go to your website? Write your own) enough knowledge of school when you were writing an essay by topic In the text with a density of 10% must be from your text should occupy the key words. Hummer Winblad Venture is often quoted on this topic. Important: interprets key words in different contexts. Not lepite from 333 times in the text. Example: I've been doing promotion sites. And so I'm doing promotion for websites.

Better way: I've been doing promotion of web sites, or rather their search engine optimization. Once you've written the text. 1.3 Optimization of the site. Level 1. Create a text document (Notepad) (file.txt) where the file filename. Important: All comments to the code I write so . This format is html (HyperText Markup Language for Kotormo we write our website). Write off and can be copied with comments, do not worry, they appear on the page will not be.

Begin to write. . Organization, word1, word2, word3. . . . . Heading 1. The most important. Reference 1. The first part of the text of Title 3. The second part of the text of Title 5. The third part of the text. . Now you need to create a Html file. To do this, click in the upper left corner of the Notepad File -> Save As -> Choose a folder box, write the file name index.htm as this home page.

Pages To Optimize

Probably many people who were trying to create the site, tried their hand at search engine optimization. And each time encountered some difficulties. Joseph Stiglitz may also support this cause. Here, it seems, and keywords in the text is, and the tags and title issued, but not obtained. The reason for these difficulties may be an option as nausea pages. What is it? This overabundance of keywords and tags on your page. Many people who created the page, tried to go to cram as much as possible many keywords as possible tags that would please the search engines.

However, too much use of this lowers the quality of the page. For example, imagine how you would read the text, 25 percent of which will be consist of one word? Or 15. Therefore, search engines have introduced the concept of nausea pages. Also it helps to deal with unfair methods of optimization. Previously, it all just evolved, it was easy to fool search engine placed on the page a bunch of the same words. Then the search engines have begun to distribute at the request of a completely different information that can not be called a good thing. Already after the search engines have improved, have imposed new optimization parameters, such problems have disappeared. So how do you determine when your keywords and tags in an excess of? Generally, the nausea usually starts after page of how the text would be more than 7 percent of the total keywords text. So guided by this value. As well as writing articles for people, not for search engines! Good luck!


All the complexity is that the world around us is negative. Division corresponds to the Pareto principle or 80/20. That is 80% negative 20% positive. If you do not pay attention to information that comes to us in subconscious mind, we have only a chance to be a positive person 1 of 5. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tony D. Bartel and gain more knowledge.. The fact that negative information more, and we must consciously turn a blind eye not to see it. Self-hypnosis helps us to focus on positive information, on the positive things in our lives and then it will multiply.

The world around us is merely a reflection of what we have in mind. Self-hypnosis allows you to shape the world within us that to alter the external world. And not vice versa. The outside world – a mirror of the inner. The mirror only reflects the essence. Self-hypnosis can change the nature of that impact and external reflection.

Now in more detail how this everything happens Faith is a state of mind which is acquired by the allegations and repeated statements that impact the subconscious mind through self-hypnosis. Faith – a state of mind, which can be develop. The repetition of the allegations for the subconscious is the only known today by the suggestion of faith. John Blondel follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. So, the idea that with repeated consistency affects the subconscious, as a result of perceived and subconscious mind acts according to this idea transforming it into an equivalent material, using the most acceptable practical way. Anyone who was defeated in life, who graduated in poverty and suffering, he blame, as applied the method of auto-suggestion in its negative form. Self-hypnosis can lift you up to unattainable heights or sink to the bottom, depending on how you would raise 'sails' of his thoughts. It is self-hypnosis can help you achieve and your goals. Any idea or thought can inspire the mind, and kept returning to thoughts of her. That's why you should write your main goal and specific milestones and day-to- Happy reading this entry, clearly pronouncing words. And this should be done as long as the spoken words in waves do not reach your subconscious. The meaning of self-suggestion is to build positive momentum by fixing them in writing, memorization and constant repetition until such time as they are not realized. The man eventually begins to believe in those beliefs that he himself inspired, and it does not matter, they are true or false. If a person many times with lies, he begins to accept it as truth and will believe it's true.

Drawing And Art

Drawing has a lot to do with art but also with writing. For example, the writing of several articles on art, as if they were not created on this laptop. Drawing is like playing on an instrument, a free, sliding movement of the hand across a surface. In a drawing of the movement of the hand but feel the almost imperceptible thoughts. Filed under: Joseph Stiglitz. When writing elements such as words, sentences and paragraphs are formed from letters, which is like the joining together of symbols and signs of a drawing. The letter of interesting texts, for example, about art, probably heard this is not necessarily to do is always a challenge for the intellect. The attempts to control not only the hand, so such a thing as art comes out, but also what is thought to bring in a linguistically appropriate manner. Learn more at: John Blondel. But even linguistically – that is the difference for drawing. Here is a picture, sometimes called the art produced, underscores the much of the personality in each one. It is interesting that when writing the person behindHide the letters can. This succeeds in drawing significantly less. One could say that the style is like something unconscious that is tormented by the spirit of the paper. A drawing is like a fingerprint of the personality, falsified as the individual. Mal is a line thick, sometimes thin, sometimes a flourish to the paper and no one can really explain, why exactly was this one drawn slightly larger than the others. And just at that point fatal to copyists and thus remain behind the art of the original. If you copy the text of a scribe, it is a little different, but even here there is still retained much of the character of the author.