The Secret

The secret that life continues to be interesting is the movement from one end to another. When you get to know the basic law, the basis of everything, one understands and everything fits. One thing agree, whatever it is, it is beautiful. Expel the thoughts can be easy, but do ejecting vacuum? How expel the thought that there are no thoughts? It is very, very subtle. However, if you get to this point you will become very, very happy, quiet, serene, always inwardly will be collected in one piece.

You possess a crystallization, thou shalt not be a running man, but you will have to return again and again. You naceras and thou shalt die. The wheel of reincarnation will not stop; the thought that there is absence of thoughts is like a subtle seed, her forth many lives. A whole tree is hidden in the seed. The seed may be a seed of mustard, very small, but its interior contains everything. It is charged, is imprinted with it, and can regenerate whole tree over and over again. And a seed, millions of other seeds can emerge. Buddha tells us: If we first establish peace within us by training in the spiritual path, external peace shall be imposed for Naturally; But if we do not do so, there will never be peace in the world by many campaigns that are organized in their favour must be attentive, keep your eyes open, choose freely what we are and do; everything is transformed into consciousness and happiness. Avoid doing what we do not wish us to do; love, compassion benevolence towards all beings, as all are on the way. Persevere, have patience and not discouraged never because the goal is safe. Cultivate the desire in the right direction cultivate the right intention, goodwill, sincere and tolerant attitude thinking first of the other original author and source of the article.