The Impact

Any intervention with any of the components of the family has implications for all of it. Thus all members of the family influence and are influenced by the Group and each of its participants, by establishing a continuous and complex network of relationships from which nobody can escape. To this must be added the valuation carried out communication between equals since it presents some characteristics and wealth that make an instruments therapeutic first-rate grace Fuster, e. (1997). Although you are working directly with only one member of the family, the rest has to know this intervention and indirectly is involved in it, inviting them to participate in different activities. In these cases, the creation of support groups, is important since it involves the establishment of a framework to deal with family problems, in a suitable climate, creating bonds that allow spontaneous difficulties and feelings expression.

They are essential in the intervention with families tools to address problems, referencing such difficulties of communication, produced by new family situations that generate mild dysfunction of readjustment and that require a group intervention based on the exchange of information and experiences with people who share the same or similar circumstances. Let us take an example: the birth into a family of a child with a disability can compromise and alter the functions as you are traditionally recognized the family, as they are, care and physical care, socialization and education, etc. It is an important event of a crisis in the family life cycle. The tasks of care increase, so there is a stress added to that is generated with the mere birth of a child. Exposed example, and as family educators, we would have to address the needs that may arise such as:-information relevant to the age about the situation of the child and treatment process. -Communication with the family of the impact that all of them have the new situation.