Ramon Gallegos

Part of the philosophical position that something different can be complementary, making us more universal. Dialogue between student and teacher based on a spiritual relationship whose priority is communication creating values and common purposes where everyone wins, that is, a ganadora-ganadora holistic policy is primary in education holistic, point is how to learn to think together, to listen to each other, share, cooperate to achieve a common discernment, dialogue process leads us to be respectfulhumble, democratic, patient, cordial and tolerant. This education is for all life, it is significant and permanent learning, it is one comprehensive training to learn how to live responsibly, intelligently and compassionately. Holistic education is an alternative applicable to any culture or social, taking into account circumstance that the only way to get closer to an education. In holistic education, the enormous responsibility of the 21st century is go the quality of objects to the integrity of the subjects… Any development proceeds (healthy process) differentiations and integrations, if differentiation is stopped, failure is the fusion (process pathological, everything is the same), by contrast, if it goes too far the result is fragmentation, (everything is contradictory). Integrate, it is to unite diversity, and this is organized into holones.

Holistic education considers two types of hierarchies: of domination that are pathological, authoritarian and destroy the process of evolution and development which are natural stages of development of the evolution of the cosmos, this type is called holarquia because they are totalities within totalities. According to Dr. Ramon Gallegos multinivel-multidimension mainstreaming should be directed to the integral, and the first step is differentiation, important then is differentiate levels and educational dimensions. Multilevel education is considered in five levels of totality, and forming a holarquia of education aware, the first level of entire works with the educator holistic is the individual consciousness, where should respect each student’s learning style. The second level is the community conscience of human beings.