Automobile Industry

Long been observed that in the segment of trucks all the loudest gets the premiere did not dump trucks. The first sights of designers and design engineers are always directed toward the trunk of tractors. It is in This category comes first all the improvements, and only then, with a lag of 3-5 years of innovative solutions adapted to construction engineering and start selling trucks as modifications of these basic models. And many "bells and whistles" which is equipped with tractors – in the trucks are not needed in accordance with the specifics of their operation. Still, truck drivers really "lives" in the car for weeks and for him comfort and convenience of the cabin is very important. Another thing – dump trucks.

Usually they work on the shorter "arm" and in more severe conditions – construction dust, off-road. And yet … The European car industry – the undisputed leader in issues of comfort, reliability and environmental performance of cars of any class. Mighty cab MAN, Mercedes, Volvo, even in the budget version – used to install the tipper – retain all their generic features. Verified ergonomic driving position, generous design of the dashboard, designed internal compartments for personal belongings driver …

The various systems that monitor adherence to speed mode, driving and rest up to monitor signs of fatigue or intoxication. In general – large-scale "social package" chauffeur protect health and safety at work. Dump trucks KAMAZ, URAL, other machinery manufacturing Russia and the former Soviet Union – although equipped with more than today, more comfortable cabin than before, is still inferior to foreign analogs in terms of comfort. The fact that Europeans consider "budget" option – for Russian booths remains a luxury. Thanks uncomfortable driver's seat and "heavy" management driver's profession in Russia is still fraught with load and unit physical fatigue. But as the song says, – of our national tradition "here believe the measure of fatigue … a little sad that even the Chinese trucks in terms of ease of operation and enhanced driver convenience are often much higher for domestic level of comfort. This is partly also due to local circumstances. For example, air-conditioning – is not a basic option for Russian trucks – is installed in every Chinese dumpers. This is not surprising if remember that the climate in China is hot and humid, and there is no air conditioning to work hard … Another curious feature: trucks from China for the most part have a sleeper cab. Whereas in the domestic trucks sleeping bag – a great rarity. Comparing this technical solution with a clear migration of Chinese people around the world (and to our country in particular), Russian folk wisdom of this logic is understood at once: "must be the same Chinese Driver-guest-worker somewhere to live! ". But the joke-joke, but within peresmenok and downtime our drivers with no less pleasure than the Chinese have a rest in a more convenient and comfortable cabins.