Moshe Cordovero

Her appearance at the light caused a sharp jump in human development. The flowering of science, political and economic reforms, the scrapping of habitual frameworks and principles. Mankind has a powerful push forward toward the goal, who knows the secrets known only to the “Zohar.” 15th century, Jerusalem. Here lives a little boy who knows all about the transmigration of souls. This is a future great Kabbalist the Ari. In three years, he says his father: “Many centuries ago, you were a glazier in Jerusalem by the Romans crucified for you at the Jaffa Gate.” After 13 years, takes away his mother to Egypt, where on an island in the Nile River, he is studying the book “Zohar.” Fully comprehended what was said in “Zohar,” Ari went to Safed – Kabbalistic city.

Great Kabbalists, for many years engaged in this science, he felt it, a 36-year-old young man, a great teacher and come to him in the group. Here, and 76-year-old Moshe Cordovero – renowned Kabbalist and Yosef Karo, who wrote the 20-volume work “Shulchan Aruch” and most devoted disciple later ARI – Chaim Vital … Only allow him to continue to study ARI Kabbalah after his death, but he bequeathed all his manuscripts. At the age of 38 years ARI dies. Part of the manuscript was buried with him in a difficult part of traveling with the trunk Chaim Vital …

Even at night, hand resting on Chaim Vital this trunk … And once Chaim Vital ill. For three days he is unconscious. Manuscripts steal, and during these three days are the fastest rewrite their scribes … Again, changes, wars and revolutions inflicted upon humanity. Changing social formations, rapid development of industry, rise of science – all this is foretold in the book of “Zohar.” Again, we are going to ever-increasing speed to an unknown target. The 20 th century. Baal Sulam book reveals the “Zohar” for our generation. He was born in Poland. From his early years he studied the science of Kabbalah. Already in his early years was recognized genius. At the beginning of the century, when a young man, Baal Sulam announces to all who are willing to hear what was the end of the story. Time to climb to the spiritual top, prepared for all mankind. He calls upon all to whom can dokrichatsya, start studying Kabbalah, anticipating that threatens to delay a disaster to humanity. This is indicated in the book of “Zohar.” He warns begs … Listening a few. The fact that ensued, it is known. World War II, and 100 million dead. Present day. The book “Zohar” is available to all. One has only to take a book shelf. We left detailed instructions – with prefaces, drawings and commentary. Thousands of people are engaged today in these books. So what is this book – “The Zohar”? This book is about you and me who we are and who should be. Why are we born, and where to go. On the purpose and the way to it, which everyone has his own, but that will take us all together.