Arthur Rimbaud And His Resignation

Reviewing the biography of Rimbaud, we find that his renunciation of poetry, happened to be one of the literary mysterys seemingly without explanation. It seems that on one occasion said Morand, as if inside a fatality run it seamlessly to withdraw into a silence that keep it until the end. Recall that in May 1873, wrote to Ernest Delahaye, apropos of A Season in Hell, my fate depends on this book. Three months later he lost interest completely. The very idea of continuing existence of men of letters you nauseous.

On one occasion one of his friends wrote poems praising her and alluding to his growing celebrity. Rimbaud, disliked reading this letter, launching, “says Mr. Banday, employer-boar snorted. It is said that for some, the renunciation of his genius was the ultimate act of rebellion in protest of a poet, a nod to the worst nihilism. His silence, rather than an attitude, is another form of language. Affirms with him before expressed in the poem by poem. Moreover, also argues that Rimbaud never stopped writing, that his explorations by the unknown territories of Abyssinia poetic equivalent to traveling the unknown world of words.

Morand, a sign that both are interpretations of the phenomenon that no testimony to support them and confirm. In contrast, the total desertion of Rimbaud’s poetry, if any. It is a single and unequivocal: to continue writing his resignation, letters of dry prose and vulgar, an abandonment to the will to style.