House Limit

Or it will be developed a plan with a financial advisor, income solid to create it so is increased until the beginning of the pension, that it can serve as additional provision for old age. Any necessary modifications to the House or apartment, which can cause high costs by the occurrence of a sudden case of care, are then secured. No maintenance occurs but the savings can be used for other things. The contribution assessment ceiling is set annually and adjusts the amount of contributions to social security. If this limit is exceeded, the contributions are paid only up to the specified limit. Later services be made even after the contributions actually paid. For the statutory health insurance, not the contribution assessment ceiling but the insurance limit is crucial.

The insurance limit determined while the contribution assessment ceiling apply to the determination of contributions to unemployment pensions and long-term care insurance, are the contributions to the health insurance according to the limit of the compulsory insurance. This limit has been enhanced in the year 2013 to 4350 EUR per month. The salary limit is 450 euros as well as in the contribution assessment ceiling per month and have risen in the year 2013 to 50 euro. This means that monthly basis the income from 451 euros to 4350 EUR, to calculate the contributions to statutory health insurance. The worker or the worker then has the free choice and the voluntary insurance in a legal or private health insurance can choose the statutory health insurance, which provides the suitable offer for the sickness at incomes above 4350 euro per month is the right way to protect themselves against health risks. Without hesitation Linux explained all about the problem. Regular checkups are offered both the statutory and private health insurance. The or the insured has the chance that diseases are detected earlier and treated. For the positive findings, a treatment plan, which should include also later rehabilitation – measures can be achieved together with the patient.

From health insurance to Health insurance is regulated differently taking these costs. Therefore, it is worth to seek out an online comparison portal before the election of a legal or private health insurance, for example. A comparison of services with the contributions there is no problem. Here you find an overview of all current contribution assessment ceiling.