Andrey Kovalev Life

Province is called "Kaliningrad" again fostered a new name for the stage of the country – Andrei Kovalev and its mono-performance "Day full of life." Why again you ask? Moscow is not the first reading and watching Eugene Grishkovets, inveterate theater-goers familiar directors Eugene Marcelli and recently won just three "Harlequin" for a new production of Michael Sales. Famous sisters Arngolts and … not the point. What the play "The Day of the full life "…. Gloomy morning hangover the average person who inwardly feel that he is a failure, that all his wrong and life is a failure … But like the legendary Venichka Erofeev, Andrei Kovalev hero searches for and finds joy in small, sometimes bewildered and sometimes evil fun of what we live every day – fine casual lying, stealing, tyranny, children, family scandals, not worth a damn. Andrei Kovalev prose style – a mixture of lyricism and aphoristic Sergei Dovlatov, irony, instant response, Mikhail Zhvanetsky, small form Zoshchenko and possibly zamesheno and insisted it all on Anton Chekhov.

For half an hour spectacle suddenly turns out that Yesterday was the day before yesterday and there was another, in some ways they are similar and very different. Squabbles at work, lack of understanding between the couple growing up kids with the characters of parents. Where are those pesky kids? So what we have done them … The perennial problem – not enough time to call on parents for a couple of hours. Debts, loans, small wages, perpetual repair the neighbors … from the top – friends will soon be left, some guarantors – sadly sighs hero Andrei Kovalev … A few minutes later again about the money: "It's like go to parent-teacher meeting without money." The original style of narration – the axis of headache from yesterday's spree strung all: life, death, love, hate holidays in Turkey, office blonde, all that goes through our minds every second.