Hegel Class

Since the ideas that they inspired the creation or the emergence of fascism as a political ideology and philosophy of life, they will be misinterpreted, and as Rudyard Kipling have said literally had to endure listening to the truth that he said twisted by rascals that only make traps for Dummies. Where lawmakers and philosophers as says Norberto Bobbio – they were dismissed, taking the lead new generations stunned by the rhetoric. Both Mussolini, Hitler, etc. will end up hating and pursuing what initially worshipped. Deforming, poorly performing these basic ideas which led to the creation of fascism. As the Superman of Niestzche theory. The strong and corporate status of Hegel.

The aristocratic socialism of Spencer, which is complemented by the theories of the elites of Mosca and Pareto. The nationalism of Manzini. The fascio, as inspiring symbol of power and democracy of the ancient Roman Empire and that is where the name fascism comes from. The middle class, as the social basis of fascism that then it will be that anti-communist and anti-capitalist political basis which will differentiate fascism, by presenting it as a third via or policy option. But it will be above all appeal to the youth and the new man, the Foundation and engine of this primitive fascist idea. From this perspective, fascism came to demonstrate that there is a new culture not based on the privileges of money, class, origin, etc. But on the spirit, so that fascism is an aristocratic socialism, as Spencer maintains it. Norberto Bobbio recalls a former fascist, truthful witness of this sad epic that I play star in fascism in history.

Finally, there was a prior fascism and a subsequent fascism, I say a commonplace, I know very well. I recently read an article by Indro Montanelli which explains perfectly how actually fascism became another thing on the fly. There were two fascisms, one right and one left.