777% Per Annum? It

777% per annum? It's easy! Join the Club 777 in Chelyabinsk conducted a unique experiment. Group of stock traders is taken to teach anyone wanting to earn 777% per annum. Talking with the creator of the club 777club.ru Dmitry Shakurova. Corr. 777% apr seems completely unrealistic income. How this is achieved profitability? Dmitry: Let's count. 777% – it's about 21% per month. To make 10% on futures need to catch the movement within the day a little more than 1%. Intraday motion futures on the rts index reached 3%, and often more. Ie within a month to do only 3-5 really good deal. Really? More than. The first job in club 777 – to 21% on the same contract – the majority of students perform up to 2 weeks. Site 777club.ru can find a video where I do 23% percent of the bills for 2 days. Corr. Why then do you do training, not sitting somewhere under a blanket and "Planes" money? Dmitry. Trading strategy, the proposed club 777 implies a narrow specialization in one tool that leads to problems with liquidity. For example, working with the rts Index futures (which is among the ten most liquid instruments in the world), a trader working on our system is already beginning to have difficulty with a score of 10 million rubles. Our goal – the creation of a hedge fund is able to handle tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, we teach traders our system – the best of them will be work in a hedge fund. Corr. In the video, posted on your site, you will not only show how to achieve a unique profitability, but rather describes in detail its strategy. Are not you afraid that it will be stolen? Dmitry. There lots of good strategies, so only an absolute majority of people lose money in the stock markets. Why? Imagine a board width of 30 cm, raised by 5 cm from the floor. You are offered to pass on her 100 meters in 000. Agree? Most likely yes Just change the situation: the conditions are the same, but the board thrown over the roof of one skyscraper to another. Agree? A hundred thousand dollars? 80% of students will earn 21% (777% per annum) on the same contract a few weeks after workshop. Just because it is a psychologically insignificant amount. The maximum that can be lost – it is 200 rubles per transaction. However, as you'll behave when the loss will be 200 000, 2 million rubles, etc It is important ability to maintain not slumbering mind. Mind is not cloudy greed, fear, your own ego. It is this focus on the basic training time at the club 777. This is where the focus of our know-how. Corr. Who is it a seminar? Dmitry. The ideal candidate – a man who knows how to work with computers and the Internet.