Yandex Company

First you need to assess the position of the company on such requests as "website promotion", "optimization", "site promotion". Pay attention to traffic to the site it should be at least 50 people a day, although the more the better. Then, read customer reviews about the company and the quality of services. Familiarize themselves with the company site it certainly should be comprehensive information about services and prices, and detailed painted conceptual aspect of the service – promotion of sites. Employees must show you their latest projects and positions of key words for these projects included in the top 10 of Yandex and Google.

Particularly consideration should be given to such indicators as the presence of a site in Yandex. Directory and index of particles. Although these figures are not critical. Mandatory requirement of professionalism of the company engaged in promotion of websites – it is an experience work with high-demand (frequency of the query is not less than 30 000 queries per month according to statistics Yandex). The ability of the company and its employees to make competent semantic core aimed primarily at attract the maximum amount of targeted traffic from the Internet, rather than facilitating their work to promote the site in the top 10 of Yandex.

As a rule, high-quality website promotion is possible with small amounts of key requests no more than 20 requests. More than 20 requests is reasonable to use the tool Yandex contextual advertising. Need to get an offer on company letterhead, which specifies such data as: cost of service, terms of promotion, promotion of geography, number of key words and terms of payment and performance indicators of top 10, top 5, top 3 or top-1 first place in Yandex. Also, it is advisable to obtain information on the very company from the Internet using a search engine Yandex in the search bar type "company name" and carefully review all information in the first 3 pages of issue, so you can understand who you are dealing with solid organization or student interns engaged in promotion of web sites from time to time. But the most important quality website promotion is not possible in less than 5000 rubles per month. 7 times read once order.