They Are Insurance

They are insurance contracts entered into in writing between a natural or legal person with an insurance company. These contracts define the level of payment or disbursement that shall be the insurance company and the fees to be paid monthly or annually the person who hires said sure. The amount that disbursing the insurance company will depend on the terms of the contract and what things or properties are secured in the same. This contract is called a policy and its objective is to cover expenses in case of an event or accident to the insured good occur. There are many types of insurance, these will depend on the needs of the person, that is what you want to make. There are insurance for houses, for vehicles, for accidents, for valuables, to disease, to shops, to sick leave, for savings.

There are other more specific still, honeymoons, golf insurance insurance, safe agricultural, insurance of skiing, etc. Insurance have been created with the aim of making an accident before making that a person sacrifice all his savings already is not affected as, since the insurance covers expenses of huge importance that the person alone could not cover of a coup only. Insurance is usually optional, they depend on the will of the contracting person, however there is an insurance that is compulsory: the vehicle insurance, the reason for its enforcement is the high level of traffic accidents recorded in all over the world and lots of losses in monetary value and damage to the health of third parties causing. Original author and source of the article