The 52

Who is to blame, and whether to do something? Trying to find the perpetrators – thankless task. But as a rule, a simple man in the street used to look for the cause of the reality surrounding him. The first who took the blow in the history of the train 47 – 48, was a conductor, whose name is on some reasonably remaining anonymous. The reason is clear: the conductor – the lower court of the railway, which has directly (or should have) contact with the passengers. I must admit that among the 52 passengers cars (excluding small children) only two decided to express discontent. Conductor, which is characteristic of the charges and excuses at the same time met some slightly terrifying indifference.

Standing in the lobby, he was waving his hands and actively flavoring their non-native Russian language foul language, poker-faced in writing up their flowed hard wiring proportion, sometimes as "the habit of" opposition, going to the condemnation of the socio-political system his native Moldova. From his words it appeared that the nine years he worked on the Moldovan railway for very little money, but is unable to change their profession because go, in fact, nowhere else but at home waiting for children, spouse without work. An illegal travel to the Russian capital, he does not want. He told the indifference of the authorities to his "numerous requests" to repair the cars, fix the light in the vestibule, etc. With high unemployment for the bosses finding willing to work for peanuts in the cars – not a big problem, and loudly express their opinions conductors offer a dismissal. By the way, he said that on two flights (from Chisinau to Moscow and back) to give the car just two roll of toilet paper. It turned out that all the excuses of the conductor charges were reduced to heads and low wages, they say, we would be glad to work well, but at the top do not give.