Special Edition

The newcomers rage was finally released a few days ago and already the game to the box-office hit mutates, which is why the game is a clear favorite for the best play of the year 2011. Limited edition of anarchy as most games there are of course also for the new first-person shooter rage a Special Edition, which offers you some features and advantages when compared to the regular version. Who creates it so, really to savor everything developed for rage, we recommend the limited edition of anarchy. With this, you will receive four new in-game items, your offer you some advantages compared to the regular version. So expecting you a new double barrel shotgun, Crimson elite armor, as well as the Council Rod buggy and firsts of rage. Using these new items, the game definitely is much more interesting, whether is but worth the extra cost that must be every man for himself decide probably.

Single player one should be told first of all: the single player really has it in itself! Hardly a game has managed to deliver a rousing as story and the players so quickly in his Spell to pull. The story takes place in the distant future, where the Earth has been destroyed by a large comet. There are only a few survivors and you are one of them. You fight it in the first-perspective of person bandit gangs and Government forces that want to see you better dead than alive. As well, you can expect numerous mutated monsters that the comets with were brought to Earth and destroy everything what comes to them in the way. To cope with these all dangers is a huge arsenal of weapons and lot of items available. Further, you will receive a private vehicle, you paint according to your wishes and can upgrade to deny relentless race against the bandit gangs.