Reception Program

On the first day of taking the powder and you can experiment with water, and juice. Some people have already passed the full course Reception Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus, still preferred to dilute the powder Colo Vada Mix with water. The optimal dilution for the use of coral powder is water or juice with the addition of Crystal Energy. Do not be afraid experiment. The choice is yours. 2. Juice or water, which diluted powder, must be cold, because when you use warm water powder Colo Vada Mix is so fast again thumps that drinking the solution almost impossible – a dense mass of jelly.

3. Powder Colo Vada Mix, even in cold liquid thickens quickly, so the powder poured into a glass of cold juice (or water), it should stir quickly, and not waiting for the dissolution of small lumps of powder, drink quickly gained a cocktail. At the second stage, the depletion due to the strong swelling powder Colo-Wada to form a gelatinous mass, which has uncanny ability to envelop a large number of stagnant intestinal contents. As a result, diluted stool can be easily excreted from the body. The composition of powders Colo-Vada Mix: plantain seed (6.22 g), kaolin (5.03 g), lemon peel (0.49 g), lecithin (0.12 g), prunes (0.1 g), an aromatic additive with the smell of banana (0.02 g ), licorice root extract (0.01 g). Kaolin acts as a desiccant, absorbing toxins from the digestive tract. It amazing substance absorbs toxic substances at 40 times its own weight! Kaolin promotes the removal of stagnant intestinal contents and loosens the hardened, coated with slime substance on the walls bowel Each pack contains a number 2: Altimeyt – 1 tablet.

Mega Acidophilus – 1 capsule. Vitamin C (500mg) – 1 tablet. Lucerne (Alfalfa) – 2 tablets. American Buckthorn (Cascara Sagrada) – 1 tablet. Variety of herbs 2 – 1 tablet. The leaves of black walnut (Black Walnut Leaves) – 1 tablet. 3. Rehabilitation – 3 days 12 to day 14 for the third phase of the program are six bags of number 3 to 8 tablets and capsules. Applications: taking daily contents of one packet number 3 in the morning meal, the other – with the evening. To give digestive system to gradually resume their normal workload, with 12 to 14 days is recommended to eat only raw or have undergone a minor cooking vegetables, and protein containing foods such as eggs, meat, etc., are gradually returning to the diet and only small amounts, ranging from 13 days. Each pack contains a number 3: Altimeyt – 1 tablet. Mega Acidophilus – 2 capsules. Vitamin C (500mg) – 1 tablet. Lucerne – 2 tablets. American buckthorn – a pill. Enzimatik (enzymes) – 1 small cream-colored capsule. Enzimatik (enzymes that promote digestion) contains: amylase, protease, lipase, maltase,?-Galactosidase, peptidase, glucoamylase, microclusters Flanagan. bromelain, cellulase, saccharases, papaya, and lactase fikoten. These digestive enzymes provide a good diet digestion after the second stage, which includes only the consumption of different juices. If the bowel is full, and intestinal functions are weakened, then Program 2 Colo-Vada Plus can be repeated every 2 months. In other cases, to ensure the normal functions of the digestive system are recommended for program twice a year.